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Expansion Bays

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 298
Most starships have room within their hull for one or more expansion bays, each of which can be converted to function in a wide variety of roles. Unfilled, these bays are simply storage space (and count as cargo holds), and for many large transport vessels, they remain this way. If a starship’s bays are instead used for guest quarters, the ship can serve as a transport vessel for soldiers, travelers, or refugees. If its bays are filled with medical bays and guest quarters, the ship becomes a mobile hospital.

The following options are available for most ships that have available expansion bays. If an option requires multiple bays, this is noted in its description; if it must consume PCU to function, the amount is listed in the table on page 300. An entire expansion bay must be used for a single purpose, even if it gives you multiple instances of that option. For example, if you select escape pods, that expansion bay gains all six escape pods—you can’t combine three escape pods and one life boat.

The PCU requirement and the Build Point costs of the expansion bay options can be found on page 300.

Cultural Preparation Facility

Source Starfinder #27: Deceivers’ Moon pg. 47
PCU 3; Cost (in BP) 2
This expansion bay serves as a training facility and database for agents preparing to infiltrate a group or species. Clothing and personal items can be crafted in half the normal time at a cultural preparation facility, though the crafter must still provide the necessary raw materials. The facility’s computer system also trains personnel in the languages and accents, cultural behaviors, social norms, and even body language and facial expressions of the group the users expect to infiltrate. To use this aspect of a cultural preparation facility, a creature chooses a single species or cultural group and then spends three 8-hour sessions (which can be over the course of several days) within the facility. After this time, for 1 day, the creature has a +2 circumstance bonus on Culture checks relating to the chosen species or cultural group. In addition, the creature can replace one of the languages it knows (except for Common, their racial tongue, or the language of their home planet) with a language spoken by the chosen species or cultural group. At the GM’s discretion, the cultural preparation facility might not be able to teach a rare or unusual language.