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Other Systems

Source Pact Worlds pg. 152
Vessels in Starfinder use a variety of systems to gain an advantage in the harsh depths of space. These systems are added to a ship during its construction.

Algal Shielding

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 27, Starfinder #20: The Last Refuge pg. 47
PCU 0; Cost (in BP) 5 + (2 × size category)
The algal shielding system can be installed only in a biomechanical starship.
The hull of a vessel with algal shielding has a layer made of water-filled, valved chambers that circulate blue-green algae through the ship, interfacing with the life-support system and most living parts of the ship. This supplemental circulatory system has two functions. First, the algae act as a radiation buffer. When a biomechanical starship with algal shielding takes damage from a weapon with the irradiate special property (Core Rulebook 304), the algal shielding grants a +2 circumstance bonus to saving throws against radiation and other poisons introduced to the ship’s internal atmosphere. This system also functions as one hydroponic garden (Pact Worlds 153). If a critical damage effect causes a vessel’s life-support system to become malfunctioning or wrecked, the algal shielding provides no benefit until the life-support system’s condition is improved to glitching or normal.