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Other Systems

Source Pact Worlds pg. 152
Vessels in Starfinder use a variety of systems to gain an advantage in the harsh depths of space. These systems are added to a ship during its construction.

Autodestruct System

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 27, Starfinder #7: The Reach of Empire pg. 47
PCU 0; Cost (in BP) 1 × size category
An autodestruct system is a self-destruct mechanism that removes the crew’s ability to avoid destruction in a crisis. When a starship outfitted with an autodestruct system is reduced to 0 Hull Points, the autodestruct system activates, destroying the ship it’s built into. Starships in hexes adjacent to a starship as it autodestructs take damage to the appropriate quadrants equal to half the destroyed starship’s maximum Hull Points, mitigated by shields as normal.
An autodestruct system is hardwired into the ship and has no interface that can be hacked or disabled. Once installed, it can be removed only with 1 day of work and a successful Engineering check (DC = 15 + 1-1/2 × the starship’s tier). Failing this check means the autodestruct system remains active, and the engineer is aware of that fact.