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Other Systems

Source Pact Worlds pg. 152
Vessels in Starfinder use a variety of systems to gain an advantage in the harsh depths of space. These systems are added to a ship during its construction.

Psiostasis Pods (Hybrid)

Source Starfinder #17: Solar Strike pg. 45
PCU 15; Cost (in BP) 10
When the anassanois embarked upon their journey from Anassan, they filled portions of their starship with hibernation chambers containing psiostasis pods. Upon arriving in the Pact Worlds’ sun and awakening, the anassanois converted many of these hibernation facilities to serve other functions, but some remained, allowing this technology to be studied and duplicated.

The pods’ hybrid tech suppresses higher mental function and places the body in a vibrational null state, rendering it inactive and unaging, without the need to breathe, drink, or eat. Placing a creature into or taking a creature out of psiostasis takes 3 hours, although the creature being placed in such suspension becomes unconscious after only 1 hour. An unwilling creature can’t be placed in psiostasis; the unit can telepathically detect if an unconscious creature would consent. One set of pods, taking up one starship expansion bay, can hold 32 Medium or smaller creatures in stasis indefinitely. However, psiostasis doesn’t work in the Drift, so any creature in a psiostasis pod comes out of stasis during Drift travel.

One set of psiostasis pods consumes 15 PCU and costs 10 Build Points.