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Prevalent across the galaxy and catering to countless genres, vidgames are popular interactive entertainment. Basic vidgames include a wide array of casual entertainments and function on virtually all computers, including datapads and comm units. Advanced vidgames require exceptional processing power, often to support intense graphics, complex game play, or demanding multiplayer capabilities; such vidgames only function on computers of tier 2 or higher. Vidgames are wholly digital and thus have no bulk, and they have a capacity and usage based on the device on which they’re installed. Most vidgames have security features and copy protection that limit how readily users can duplicate games to other devices.
In addition to their more immersive experience, advanced vidgames provide an additional effect to their players. The following are popular advanced vidgame titles and their benefits. The vidgame industry is vast and innovative, and many other advanced vidgames could provide similar or entirely new benefits, at the GM’s discretion.
Mighty Melee V: The latest installment in a series of fighting games started in 287 ag, Mighty Melee V requires considerable technical skill and command combinations, but it also boasts unrivaled controls for emotes, taunts, and character outfits. These features make the game wildly popular with vidgamer personalities who broadcast their matches and develop fan followings based on their digital avatars’ eccentricities. When playing this vidgame, you can use Charisma in place of Intelligence to calculate your Profession (vidgamer) modifier when used to earn a living.
Wayward Legacy: In this cooperative, tactically rigorous multiplayer game, players take on the roles of fantastical spellcasters and warriors as they adventure in a semi-accurate historically version of Golarion. When you and up to five other creatures play your respective copies of Wayward Legacy together while using the lounge downtime activity (Character Operations Manual 153), you can each attempt a DC 15 Intelligence or Profession (vidgamer) check. If at least half of the participants succeed, each of the participating creatures also gains the benefits of the coordinate downtime action with each other (Character Operations Manual 151).

Vidgame, Basic

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 129
Level 1; Price 10
Hands —; Bulk

Vidgame, Advanced

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 129
Level 1; Price 100
Hands —; Bulk