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Source Tech Revolution pg. 47
Level 4; Price 50
Capacity 20; Usage 1/day
Hands 1; Bulk L


A classic favorite of many telepathic species, this pair of handheld vidgame controllers allows two opponents to play a game by telepathically broadcasting commands. Emotiquest has two modes, competitive and cooperative. In both game modes, the players’ emotional states determine their abilities in the game, and the intensity of feeling enhances those abilities. In a competitive game, players make opposed Charisma checks to determine a winner. Cooperative games incorporate detailed narratives and stunning visuals, and a single playthrough can last for hours or days depending on the players’ wishes. The game system includes optional hardware that allows creatures without telepathy to play. If you have an emotiquest and one person to play with, you can take the lounge downtime activity even if you lack otherwise comfortable surroundings.