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Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 158
Level 5; Price 3200
Capacity 20; Usage 4/hour
Hands 2; Bulk 1


The universe can be a dangerous place for those who stick their heads around corners. Swivelshot was created both for reconnaissance as well as to keep its wielder safe during urban combat. This item is a two-part polymer frame with a swivel-mount in the middle. Any small arm can be mounted to the front half, aligned with a built-in video camera. The back half of the unit contains the camera’s viewscreen and includes a target reticle, plus a trigger connected to the small arm. This allows you to look and shoot around 90-degree corners you are adjacent to without exposing yourself. You can snap the swivel to a fixed position of up to 90 degrees to the left, right, or straight ahead as a swift action. You can also replace the built-in camera with an enhanced or true-frame camera (Starfinder Armory 107), and you can operate the camera to look around corners without having a weapon mounted.
Firing a swivelshot-mounted weapon requires proficiency in longarms and imposes a –1 penalty to attacks when using only the camera to aim. An enemy can target your weapon with a successful attack against AC 13 + your Dexterity modifier, applying the weapon’s hardness as normal.