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Armor Upgrades

Armor Upgrades

A creature can personalize armor by purchasing and installing armor upgrades, described below, which add bonuses or customized abilities to armor. Some individuals keep a collection of upgrades at hand, swapping them out as needed (requiring 10 minutes to replace the unit and resecure all connections). Explanations of entries for upgradesā€™ statistics follow.
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NameLevelPriceSlotsArmor TypeBulk
Weapon Spikes11Heavy, Powered
Pet Carrier11001AnyL
Easy Access Kit11251AnyL
Grim Trophies (Magic)11251Any
Light Projector11501Any1
Tensile Reinforcement11501Any
Concealed Compartments11751Any
Infrared Sensors12001AnyL
Radiation Buffer12001AnyL
Quick-Release Sheath13251AnyL
Agility Enhancer, Mk 113751Light, Heavy
Stabilizer Springs14001Light, Heavy
Descent Thrusters18001AnyL
Snarl Barbs11,5001AnyL
Automated Loader27501Powered1
Auto-CPR Unit28501Any
Jump Jets21,0001Light, HeavyL
Thrower Arms21,0001Any
Juggernaut Boosters31,2001Heavy, Powered1
Quicksuit (Hybrid)31,3001Light, Heavy
Glamer Projector (Magic)31,3501Light, HeavyL
Hydrojet31,4001Light, Heavy
Mobility Enhancer, Mk 131,5001Heavy
Force Field, Brown31,6002AnyL
Exit Pod41,7501Heavy, Powered2
Hover Field41,8001LightL
Flashblinders, MK 142,0001Any1
Backup Generator42,1001Any1
Longstrider Module42,2001Light
Targeting Computer42,2501Any
Load Lifter52,2501Any
Rampart Plates52,8501Heavy1
Ghost Armor (Magic)52,9001AnyL
Agility Enhancer, Mk 253,0001Light, Heavy
Electrostatic Field, MK 153,0001Any
Jetpack53,1001Light, Heavy1
Thermal Capacitor, MK 153,6001Any
Brightlight Projector (Hybrid)63,0001Any
Phase Shield64,3251Heavy, Powered1
Tactical Scaffold64,4502Heavy2
Endurance Module (Hybrid)64,5001Any
Force Field, Purple64,5502AnyL
Filtered Rebreather64,6001Any1
Lightwrap Inlay65,0001AnyL
Computer Interface76,0001AnyL
Absorption Shield (Hybrid)76,5001Heavy, Powered1
Adaptive Defense, Mk 1 (Hybrid)76,5001Any
Microspur Spray (Hybrid)76,7001Heavy, Powered1
Sonic Dampener77,1501AnyL
Deflective Reinforcement77,5001Any1
Explosive Defense Unit89,0001Any
Haste Circuit (Magic)89,2501Light, HeavyL
Mobility Enhancer, Mk 289,5001Heavy
Flashblinders, MK 2810,0001Any1
Grandchild's Cloak, Normal (Hybrid)810,0001LightL
Force Field, Black810,5002AnyL
Battery Unit912,0001Any
Haze Field (Hybrid)913,0001Any
Agility Enhancer, Mk 3913,0001Light, Heavy
Electrostatic Field, MK 2913,0001Any
Forcepack (Hybrid)913,1001Light, Heavy1
Reaction Accelerator (Hybrid)913,5001Any
Medical Interface, Mk 1 (Hybrid)914,0001Any
Invisibility Detector (Hybrid)1017,0001Any
Adaptive Energy Shield1017,5001Any
Holodouble Module (Hybrid)1018,0001Light, Heavy
Courage Module (Hybrid)1018,3001Any
Force Field, White1020,0002AnyL
Magic Resistor, Mk 1 (Magic)112,3501Any1
Attractor Field (Hybrid)1124,0001Any
Bodyguard Module (Magic)1124,4001Heavy, Powered
Lingual Scrambler (Hybrid)1232,8001AnyL
Electrostatic Field, MK 31235,0001Any
Privacy Shield (Magic)1235,5001AnyL
Thermal Capacitor, MK 21236,2501Any
Flashblinders, MK 31238,0001Any1
Force Field, Gray1240,0002AnyL
Agility Enhancer, Mk 41346,0001Light, Heavy
Spell Reflector, MK 1 (Magic)1347,9501Light, Heavy1
Indomitability Module (Hybrid)1350,0001Any
Teleportation Unit (Hybrid)1352,0001Any1
Magic Resistor, Mk 2 (Magic)147,0002Any2
Life Shield (Magic)1464,0001Any
Fortified Plates, Mk 11465,5001Heavy, Powered2
Titan Shield1475,0001Powered2
Adaptive Defense, Mk 2 (Hybrid)1475,0001Any
Force Field, Green1480,0002AnyL
Medical Interface, Mk 2 (Hybrid)15100,0001Any
Fortified Plates, Mk 215104,0001Heavy, Powered2
Desplacement Field (Hybrid)15120,0002Any1
Grandchild's Cloak, Greater (Hybrid)15120,0001LightL
Thermal Capacitor, MK 315120,0001Any
Fortified Plates, Mk 316151,0001Heavy, Powered2
Flashblinders, MK 416180,0001Any1
Force Field, Red16180,0002AnyL
Agility Enhancer, Mk 517216,0001Any
Magic Resistor, Mk 3 (Magic)17240,0002Heavy, Powered2
Adaptive Defense, Mk 3 (Hybrid)17250,0001Any
Fortified Plates, Mk 417262,0001Heavy, Powered2
Force Field, Blue17280,0002AnyL
Vibration Sensors18360,0001AnyL
Spell Reflector, MK 2 (Magic)18360,0001Light, Heavy1
Force Field, Orange18400,0002AnyL
Fortified Plates, Mk 519550,0001Heavy, Powered2
Ghostmarch Unit (Magic)19590,0001Light1
Medical Interface, Mk 3 (Hybrid)196,000,0001Any
Magic Resistor, Mk 4 (Magic)20800,0002Heavy, Powered2
Force Field, Prismatic201,000,0002AnyL