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Armor Upgrades

Armor Upgrades

A creature can personalize armor by purchasing and installing armor upgrades, described below, which add bonuses or customized abilities to armor. Some individuals keep a collection of upgrades at hand, swapping them out as needed (requiring 10 minutes to replace the unit and resecure all connections). Explanations of entries for upgrades’ statistics follow.
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Tandem Translocator

Source Starfinder #33: Dominion’s End pg. 50
Item Level 16; Price 151,000
Slots 1; Armor Type Light, Heavy; Bulk L
Capacity 40; Usage Variable
This armor upgrade is purchased as a set of two, each of which is installed in a different suit of armor. A creature wearing armor equipped with a tandem translocator can touch another creature also wearing such armor and take a standard action to attune the two creatures to each other. A tandem translocator can be attuned to only one other tandem translocator at a time. Once attuned, the two creatures become quantum entangled and can swap places with each other over vast distances. Twice per day, a creature wearing armor with this upgrade can take a standard action to activate the translocator and attempt to swap positions with the another creature to whom they are attuned; this other creature must take a reaction to allow this swap to occur. If the swap does occur, the two creatures exchange places. Tandem translocators work across any distance, but if the attuned creatures don’t have line of sight with each other, the creature who activated the translocator must spend a Resolve Point. Tandem translocators don’t work across planes, including the Drift; attempts to translocate across planar barriers simply fail.

In addition to the regular rules for armor upgrades, tandem upgrades function only if another ally possesses the same upgrade and both allies currently have the same tandem upgrade installed.