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Horacalcum Frame

Source To Defy the Dragon pg. 60
A mech with a horacalcum frame has a dull coppery sheen, and time functions strangely around it, potentially creating permanent areas of altered time-flow if the mech stays in one location long enough. A horacalcum frame grants a mech the following special abilities.
  • Bullet Time (2 PP) As a reaction when it would take damage from a ranged attack, the mech can try to dodge the hit, attempting a Reflex saving throw with a DC equal to 15 + the enemy creature's CR or mech tier. On a success, the attack misses.
  • Temporal Pulse (4 PP) As a standard action, the mech can emanate a burst of chronological energy in an 80-foot radius. Allied creatures and mechs within the area can take an extra move action on their turn, while enemy creatures and mechs within the area must succeed at a Will save with a DC equal to 12 + 1/2 your mech's tier or lose their move action for the turn. This effect lasts for 1 round.