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Inubrix Frame

Source To Defy the Dragon pg. 60
An inubrix frame mech gleams a pale white color, its metal appearing almost translucent in spots. The unusual properties of inubrix make it ideal for mechs designed for reconnaissance and stealth. Mechs with inubrix frames gain the following special abilities.
  • Ethereal Body (2 PP) As a standard action, the mech's molecular structure becomes slightly intangible. It's treated as incorporeal for the purpose of taking damage until the end of its next turn.
  • Ghost Shift (3 PP) As a move action, the mech passes through a solid object or surface of a thickness no more than 1 foot per its mech tier, emerging on the other side. If the object is too thick, the mech is shunted back where it began and takes 1d6 damage per foot of surface above its tier.