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Noqual Frame

Source To Defy the Dragon pg. 61
Noqual-infused mechs have green crystalline inlays worked into their frames, and magic used around them sometimes falters. Mechs with noqual frames gain the following special abilities.
  • Anti-Magic Targeting (1+ PP) The mech can activate this ability when making a single attack against a magical construct or foe capable of spellcasting. If the attack hits the mech increases its damage dice by 2 × the PP expended.
  • Dampening Field (2 PP) As a standard action, the mech can create a magic-dampening aura around itself. The effect lasts for 1 round, though the mech can extend the duration each round by expending 1 PP as a free action. Spells or spell-like abilities cast within an 80-foot radius of the mech have a 25% chance of failure while this aura is active.