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Siccatite Frame

Source To Defy the Dragon pg. 61
A mech frame infused with siccatite shimmers faintly with threads of silver and radiates an aura of cold or heat, depending on the type of siccatite used. When selecting this upgrade, choose either cold or hot siccatite. The mech gains the following special abilities.
  • Radiant Shield (2 PP) As a reaction when it would take damage from a melee attack, the mech can summon a shield of hot or cold flame, depending on its type of siccatite. The mech gains a +2 bonus to its EAC and KAC, potentially turning the attack into a miss. If the attack still hits, the attacker takes damage equal to the mech’s tier (cold damage if cold siccatite, fire damage if hot siccatite).
  • Thermal Burst (1 PP) As a standard action, the mech alters the temperature in an 80-foot radius around itself, dealing 6d8 cold (if cold siccatite) or fire (if hot siccatite) damage to all enemy creatures and mechs in the area (Reflex for half, DC = 15 + the mech’s tier).