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There is an immeasurable variety of perfumes and colognes in the galaxy, most tailored to the aesthetics of specific races with olfactory senses. A single dose of perfume lasts 1 hour, and a typical bottle of perfume contains 10 doses.

Perfume, Designer

Source Drift Crisis pg. 129
Category Personal Items
Level 3;Price 350


Designer perfumes are fragrances associated with designers and are generally far more expensive than standard varieties. Wearing designer perfume grants you a +1 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy checks against creatures that find the scent pleasing, as determined by the GM.

Perfume, Standard

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 131
Category Personal Items (Perfume)
Level 1;Price 50


Standard aromas have a pleasant smell and can convey an air of hygiene, status, and wealth.

Perfume, Pheromonal

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 131
Category Personal Items (Perfume)
Level 5;Price 500


Pheromonal perfumes have been specially designed to influence members of a specific species; a pheromonal perfume grants you a +2 circumstance bonus to Charisma-based checks against members of that species. A creature with active environmental protections is immune to the effects of pheromonal perfume. The price listed for pheromonal perfume in Table 1–31 is for perfumes that can affect species commonly found in the Pact Worlds, such as humans, kasathas, vesk, etc. Perfumes engineered for more exotic species can cost anywhere from two to five times this price and could potentially be unavailable if contact with the species has only recently been established.