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Powered Armor

Unlike light and heavy armor, powered armor requires its own battery, and comes with a fully charged battery at purchase. Powered armor uses the same type of batteries as other items, including charged weapons, and the battery for a suit of powered armor can be recharged as normal using a generator or recharging station (see page 234), or it can be replaced with a new battery when spent (see Table 7–9: Ammunition for battery pricing).
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Geistwork Hunter (Hybrid)

SFS Note: Upgraded form is not legal.
Source Tech Revolution pg. 54
Item Level 13; Price 59,400
EAC Bonus 18; KAC Bonus 20
Max Dex Bonus 5; Armor Check Penalty -3; Speed 40 ft.
Strength 22 (+6); Damage 1d10 S or P; Size Medium
Capacity 20; Usage 1/hour
Weapon Slots 2; Upgrade Slots 2; Bulk 22
Marketed as a dueling frame by its Apostae-based manufacturer, Geistwork, this armor is far more suitable for performing perilous assassinations. A Geistwork hunter can use its weapon slots to mount both melee and ranged weapons, and it’s equipped with a proprietary drow stealth system that functions as a grandchild’s cloak that doesn’t occupy an upgrade slot. By spending an additional 110,000 credits, the stealth system can be upgraded to function as a greater grandchild’s cloak instead.