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Pact Worlds

Estimated Release Date: 4/17/2018
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Aliens [18]

Cult Initiate (Cultists), Cult Killer (Cultists), Cult Leader (Cultists), Detective (Security Forces), Free Captain (Free Captains), Gang Machinist (Street Gangs), Gang Pusher (Street Gangs), Gang Tough (Street Gangs), Hellknight Armiger (Hellknights), Hellknight Commander (Hellknights), Hellknight Signifier (Hellknights), Mercenary Commando (Mercenaries), Mercenary Rookie (Mercenaries), Mercenary Technomancer (Mercenaries), Pirate Lord (Free Captains), Security Guard (Security Forces), Security Specialist (Security Forces), Space Pirate (Free Captains)

Archetypes [6]

Arcanamirium Sage, Divine Champion, Skyfire Centurion, Star Knight, Starfinder Data Jockey, Steward Officer

Equipment - Armor [13]

Formian Hide (Advanced), Hellknight Plate (Armiger), Formian Hide (Basic), Hardened Resin, Zeizerer Diffractor (I), Zeizerer Diffractor (II), Zeizerer Diffractor (III), Zeizerer Diffractor (IV), Hellknight Plate (Lictor), Hellknight Plate (Maralictor), Hellknight Plate (Paralictor), Formian Hide (Superior), Zeizerer Diffractor (V)

Equipment - Armor Upgrades [11]

Descent Thrusters, Ghostmarch Unit, Grandchild's Cloak (Greater), Haze Field, Microspur Spray, Flashblinders (MK 1), Flashblinders (MK 2), Flashblinders (MK 3), Flashblinders (MK 4), Grandchild's Cloak (Normal), Snarl Barbs

Equipment - Hybrid Items [10]

Mind Guardian, Prescient Lenses (Mk 1), Ablative Insulation (Mk 1), Ablative Insulation (Mk 2), Prescient Lenses (Mk 2), Prescient Lenses (Mk 3), Ablative Insulation (Mk 3), Motospheres (pack of 4), Necrotic Mantle, Tactokinesis Gloves

Equipment - Magic Items [19]

Pact World Serum (Aballon Spark), Aballonian Drone Box, Pact World Serum (Absalom Affable), Encryption Tattoo (Agent), Pact World Serum (Akiton Rustrider), Boardroom Attire, Pact World Serum (Bretheda Effervescent), Brigh's Bolt, Pact World Serum (Castrovel Effloresce), Pact World Serum (Diaspora Daredevil), Pact World Serum (Eox Deliquesce), Pact World Serum (Idari Gold), Lawfinder, Encryption Tattoo (Master), Encryption Tattoo (Operative), Encryption Tattoo (Provocateur), Ratfolk Belt, Pact World Serum (Triaxus Dragonsight), Pact World Serum (Verces Gleam)

Equipment - Other Items [4]

Binoculars, Frictionless Gel, Library Chip, Oxygen Candle

Equipment - Technological Items [8]

Antigravity Belt, Autoclaw, Magboots, Magniscope, Purifying Puck, Radiation Badge, Tracking Bug, Tool Kit (Xhinti Holdings)

Equipment - Weapon Fusions [10]

Apprehending, Astute, Bonding, Interposing, Manufacturing, Ratjaw, Sentinel, Tactical, Tattoo, Ulrikka Duster

Equipment - Weapons [38]

Sword Cane (Advanced), Nightarch Needler (Advanced), Shobhad Horizon Striker (Advanced), Anacite Ion Cannon (Aurora), Xenolash (Blooming), Starheart Cannon (Blue Star), Kalo Shredder (Cascade-Class), Kalo Shredder (Deluge-Class), Sword Cane (Dimensional Slice), Nightarch Needler (Elite), Shobhad Horizon Striker (Elite), Flechette, Tauon (Greater), Xenolash (Immature), Tauon (Least), Tauon (Lesser), Xenolash (Mature), Tauon (Minor), Sword Cane (Molecular Rift), Kalo Shredder (Monsoon-Class), Nightarch Needler (Paragon), Shobhad Horizon Striker (Paragon), Starheart Cannon (Red Star), Xenolash (Seeded), Kalo Shredder (Slipstream-Class), Tauon (Standard), Anacite Ion Cannon (Static), Anacite Ion Cannon (Storm), Shobhad Horizon Striker (Tactical), Nightarch Needler (Tactical), Sword Cane (Tactical), Anacite Ion Cannon (Tempest), Kalo Shredder (Torrent-Class), Tauon (True), Sword Cane (Ultrathin), Starheart Cannon (White Star), Starheart Cannon (Yellow Star), Sword Cane (Zero-Edge)

Feats [8]

Close Combat, Divine Blessing, Extended Telepathy, Focused Spellcaster, Kasathan Battle Dance, Major Stage Magic, Minor Stage Magic, Stage Magic

Races [6]

Astrazoan, Bantrid, Borai, Khizar, SRO, Strix

Settlements [14]

Absalom Station, Arl, Broken Rock, Burning Archipelago, Citadel of the Black, Idari, Nightarch, Orphys, Qabarat, Roselight, Skydock, Striving, Trillidiem, Zo

Spells [11]

Control Atmosphere, Digital Doorway, Directed Denial of Strength Attack, Fabricate Scrap, Junk Armor, Junksword, Mental Block, Might of the Ellicoth, Necromantic Revitalization, Reanimate, Seeking Shot

Starship - Examples [15]

Compent AEV (Aballonian Ships), Compent Group Defense Frigate (Aballonian Ships), Infernex Burning Nail (Hellknight Ships), Infernex Interdictus (Hellknight Ships), Infernex Keep Diabolical (Hellknight Ships), Inheritorworks Brightsword (Iomedaean Ships), Inheritorworks Cathedralship (Iomedaean Ships), Inheritorworks Shieldcraft (Iomedaean Ships), Multifold Seedship (Aballonian Ships), Opulos Drift Cruiser (Vercite Ships), Redshift Pleasure Sail (Vercite Ships), Terminator Star Drake (Vercite Ships), UC Arkship (Xenowarden Ships), UC Gardenship (Xenowarden Ships), UC Pod (Xenowarden Ships)

Starship - Expansion Bays [5]

Brig, Drift Shadow Projector, Hive Bay, Hydroponic Garden, Launch Tubes

Starship - Other Systems [2]

Data Net, Hive Joining

Starship - Weapons [3]

Heavy Spore Torpedo Launcher, Light Spore Torpedo Launcher, Mining Laser

Systems [1]

The Drift

Themes [14]

Biotechnician, Corporate Agent, Cultist, Cyberborn, Death-Touched, Dragonblood, Dream Prophet, Gladiator, Roboticist, Solar Disciple, Space Pirate, Tempered Pilgram, Wild Warden, Xenoarchaeologist