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Dashadz Industries

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 66
Headquartered in the Veskarium, Dashadz Industries originally focused on heavy warships. However, its stakeholders foresaw the imminent treaty with the Pact Worlds, and began pivoting towards civilian vessels. The company refit its previous fleet, charging exorbitant fees to transform warships into comfortable—albeit heavily armed—transport vehicles. It now also builds smaller ships that, while not meant for warfare, are capable of it, such as Griffon salvage vessels (page 103) that can disassemble a ship just as easily as they cut through space junk.

Early in the transition to its new business model, Dashadz employed skittermanders as cheap labor. However, the company found that these creatures had a very different understanding of safety features, resulting in dangerous surprises for travelers and crews alike. The company has yet to work out all of these bugs but has quashed most of the negative press and now excludes skittermanders from most engineering positions. Instead, Dashadz has turned to pahtra, ijtikri, and other designers to ensure the comfort (and safety) of their guests.