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Unified Conservatory

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 67
Based out of the Arkship Equilibrium, the Unified Conservatory (UC) provides ships to the Xenowardens. The Xenowardens specialize in combining top-of-the-line technology with biological components, so the UC uses solarpowered engines and other sustainable technology alongside nurseries housing rare plants and other biological components that are eventually grafted onto starships. UC ships serve as massive ecosystems, preserving portions of the environments of the locations they visit. One of their most notable ships is the Librama (page 93), a self-sustaining organic science vessel used to explore and discover new biotechnology.

Any Xenowarden can serve aboard a UC vessel; in fact, anyone dedicated to the sanctity of life can take a position on these ships, and the crew accepts anyone willing to fight for the druids’ cause. Once they are aboard, some of these new crew find that something awakens in them, drawing them to the animal-like consciousness of the ship itself, which is eager to bond with them.