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Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 68
Time-Tested, Dependable Vessels
Manufacturing Centers: Absalom Station, Akiton, Verces
Specialties: Reliable, sturdy vessels for a wide range of needs
Famous Models: Bulwark, Immortal, Resolute

ATech is a wholly owned subsidiary of the megacorporation AbadarCorp, although it was not created by the conglomerate. Pre-Gap records indicate that the company now known as ATech originated on the planet Golarion as a manufacturer of atmospheric vehicles such as jet aircraft and hovercars. The exact details of who or what financed such cutting-edge research is lost to time, but speculators have suggested that it may have taken an entire country devoted to technological advances, a league of individuals with extraordinary knowledge for their time, or even the cult of a lesser god. The exact details of AbadarCorp’s acquisition of ATech seem to have been hit particularly hard by the Gap. Rumors range from a simple buyout to a hostile takeover, and a few even dare to suggest corporate assassination—a suggestion quickly withdrawn by those concerned for their own safety. Regardless, this acquisition enabled AbadarCorp to expand its holdings far beyond its previous capacity. AbadarCorp renamed the starship manufacturer ATech and created its own fleet, eventually becoming one of the premier retail manufacturers in the Pact Worlds System.

In the modern age, ATech has been a go-to name for reliable vessels. Company policy insists that an ATech starship should be the best investment a customer can make. ATechs are made with care and precision, ensuring that the safety and security of a customer’s goods, crew, and passengers are a top priority. This has earned the company a customer base that includes exploration parties, merchant houses, and even the Stewards. ATech makes no distinctions between these groups and offers its products to any organization in good legal standing.

Perhaps one of ATech’s greatest achievements is the sheer volume of repair shops and shipyards it makes available to customers. It is the company’s goal to have at least one service center in every settlement where it has customers, so they can repair, refuel, and upgrade parts conveniently. In lucrative locations, ATech has built entire cities dedicated to manufacturing and repair, but even small outposts have a hangar and a few mechanics. In addition to frontier dangers, many of these outposts have recently experienced increased incident reports, leading ATech to suspect sabotage by its competitors.

To meet its high demand for talented labor, ATech routinely offers generous scholarships and fast-track programs to promising engineers across the galaxy, many of whom go on to develop new technologies or work on well-known vessels, adding to ATech’s prestige.

Manufacturer Perk: While physical durability is a top priority for ATech, the manufacturer has also identified digital security as a growing concern. On ATech starships, an anti-hacking system costs 2 BP (rather than 3 BP) to install and upgrade.