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Compiler Enterprises

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 69
Anacite Explorers
Manufacturing Centers: Aballon (Horse Eye Orbital Plate, Pursuit, Striving)
Specialties: Colony ships and explorers
Famous Models: AEV, Group Defense Frigate, Those Who Are

As the philosophies of the two major sects of anacites on Aballon took shape, the group known as Those Who Become began to reach out to the stars. Believing it their destiny to take up the mantle of their creators, Those Who Become strive to colonize distant worlds. However, no existing companies were able to meet their specific needs on the scale they required. Few companies produce enough ships to transport an entire colony into the unknown without a known destination or expected transit time. These anacites tried purchasing ships from multiple manufacturers to assemble a fleet, but it still wasn’t enough. However, the time they spent refitting vessels to suit their needs taught them a great deal about starship construction. They embraced their new expertise, and the first ships sailed off Compiler Enterprises (CompEnt)’s relatively small production line shortly thereafter. Today, CompEnt is the premiere manufacturer of large vessels designed for long-term operation with few—or no—opportunities to return home for maintenance.

Those Who Become operate the company with a design philosophy influenced by their belief that they are the inheritors of the First Ones. Large colony ships and long-term deep space exploration vessels make up the bulk of the company’s production. Unlike starship manufacturers that equip ships with a fixed suite of expansion bays to serve the ships’ intended purposes, CompEnt ships boast modular expansion bays that allow for heavy modification. A new starship’s bays are left empty, enabling the buyer to configure the ship however they like. These cavernous interiors make CompEnt vessels very popular as smuggler ships, cargo haulers, and passenger transports.

Being of Aballonian design, CompEnt’s ships have a simple, practical look. The ships’ hulls are polished to a shine but are otherwise unadorned beyond the hull markings, giving them a feel of rugged accessibility and suggesting they’re just the sort of ships to help colonists accomplish their dreams. In addition to the usual customization options, CompEnt also builds ships with unusual materials on request. Rumors say that the company is involved in manufacturing the golden commerce barges of the Prophets of Kalistrade—no surprise, given most of those opulent starships originate in Aballon’s Horse Eye Orbital Plate shipyards. But other reports suggest this lucrative contract was in fact stolen from CompEnt by another ruthless (and so far unknown) corporate rival, and that CompEnt is debating how ruthless its own response should be. Regardless, its ships also support large complements while minimizing the requirements for each crew member and providing a great deal of space, which certainly fulfills the requirements of followers of the Prophecies and other luxury clients.

Manufacturer Perk: External expansion bays installed on CompEnt starships cost only 2 BP each (rather than 3 BP).