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Kevolari Collective

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 71
Maximum Utility
Manufacturing Centers: Elindrae
Specialties: Industrial-yet-comfortable designs in large quantity at reasonable costs
Famous Models: K-51 Sky Fisher, Paramount, Steadfast, Venture

The Kevolari Collective is the largest of the Castrovelian starship manufacturers and was originally based in the Gulf of Legions, where the formian industrial complex historically manufactured sea vessels. But 30 years ago, the Collective shifted its starship manufacturing to Castrovel’s moon, Elindrae, a concession in the shirren-brokered peace treaty that ended the war between formians and lashuntas. This move required the founding of a new secondary hive on Elindrae, as well as the installation of life support and artificial gravity in the newly constructed hive tunnels that now permeate the moon.

Paramilitary groups, explorers, and transportation companies consistently seek out the Kevolari Collective because of the company’s highly efficient, large-scale manufacturing facilities. Indeed, the Kevolari Collective delivers hundreds of military and corporate starships each year for use by organizations throughout the Pact Worlds. The Collective specializes in large orders for fleets of dozens or even hundreds of identical ships. Given the Collective’s reputation for delivering on time and on budget, demand for its services often outstrips its capacity, much to the consternation of its non-formian competition. Many companies have attempted to emulate the Collective’s business model, but none have yet matched their coordination.

To maintain production efficiency, the Kevolari Collective designs its starships to be standardized and simple, engineered to provide good quality and high value. This results in industrial-yet-comfortable designs at prices substantially lower than those of most other starship manufacturers. The Kevolari Collective achieves this efficiency via a manufacturing process that includes workers with cybernetic enhancements optimized for specific assembly stations. Instead of adapting its manufacturing systems to customize designs for customers, the Kevolari Collective subcontracts to other starship manufactures, such as Ringworks and ATech, which take delivery of newly manufactured starship frames and complete any required customization. This enables customers to take advantage of the Collective’s economies of scale while also satisfying specialized demands.

The standardization of Kevolari Collective starships makes maintenance, repair, and training simple and reduces the variety of spare parts that need to be kept on hand. As such, Kevolari Collective starships provide immediate savings and long-term value. From the flagships of the Steward’s Overwatch fleet to long-haul transports and explorers transiting the Vast, Kevolari Collective starships provide maximum utility for minimum credits.

Manufacturer Perk: The efficiency of Kevolari designs reduces the cost of the base frame by BP equal to the ship’s size category (Tiny = 1, Small = 2, Medium = 3, etc.); however, the cost of each weapon mounted increases by 1 BP.