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Opulos Corporation

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 73
Purveyors Of Extreme Luxury
Manufacturing Centers: Verces (Athano)
Specialties: Personal yachts, cruise liners, and other extreme luxury vessels
Famous Models: Cruiser, Opulence, Overqueen

Perhaps the oldest surviving aethership manufacturer, Opulos Corporation began as a family business that built aetherships for the God-Vessels, the ancient verthani priest caste. Dorin Opulos was an Athano sailor and sea captain who combined artistic talent with engineering sense. Long before the Gap, each aethership was a unique work of art that glorified its God-Vessel clients’ patron deities. A few of these original aetherships still survive, turned into flying museums or refit with Drift technology; diligent (and lucky) bargain hunters may even be able to find one of these legendary ships rusting away in an Akiton junkyard, unrecognized.

But as Vercite culture shifted away from the old caste structure, Opulos reinvented itself as a maker of extreme luxury starships. Shortly after the Signal, the Opulos family went public, opening the corporation to investors and shareholders. They created a board of directors that—while still dominated by Opulos family members—also includes worker representatives, industry experts, and safety advocates. The company then launched the Opulence line, a series of highly customizable personal yachts for the fabulously wealthy. The Opulence was at the heart of an enticing advertising campaign that popularized the company’s brand throughout the burgeoning Pact Worlds, and the success of this new starship enabled Opulos Corporation to springboard into the cruise line market, which it has since come to dominate. The company’s new Overqueen line is an alternative to the Drift Cruiser aimed at non-humanoid markets, equipped with a wide variety of customizable living quarters and amenities that serve every species from astrazoans to wrikreechees. Opulos is the only major Vercite starship manufacturer that isn’t located on Skydock; the company has clung to its traditional home in Athano, where the old aethership construction yards are still preserved as a historical site, with tour buses escorting visitors there from the beautiful new shipyard facilities constructed on the shore of Riversea. Unfortunately, the isolation of this location makes it potentially vulnerable to corporate warfare, and Opulos recently lost its security chief to an explosion.

Manufacturer Perk: Opulos starships can install 2 Guest Quarters for a total of 1 BP and 1 PCU (instead of 1 BP and 1 PCU each) and Luxurious Crew Quarters cost only 4 BP instead of 5.