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Redshift Revolution

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 73
Stylish Racers
Manufacturing Centers: Verces (Skydock)
Specialties: Challenge ships, high-performance civilian shuttles, and cargo haulers
Famous Models: Pleasure Sail, Skyhook Serenade, X Series

Like many Vercite starship manufacturers, Redshift Revolution predates the Gap and has worked out of the same berths in Skyhook since long before the rest of the Pact Worlds developed interstellar flight. The company is widely considered hidebound and traditional, clinging to past glories, but there is a real revolution taking place within the firm that customers are beginning to notice.

For most of its existence, Redshift Revolution based its success on luxuriously comfortable pleasure craft, mostly aimed at rich individuals with a sense of antique style. To this day, its vessels keep to the old aethership aesthetic, with brass fittings, velvet upholstery, and machinery designed to evoke class and distinction while concealing its functional controls. But comfort, as they say at Redshift, is cheap; it’s speed that costs credits, and Redshift Revolution’s engineers have spent centuries tuning thrusters and Drift engines to minimize travel times—even as passengers relax in style.

But the Absalom Run changed all that. This race, which occurs every 3 years and follows a course from Verces to Absalom Station and back, used to be the place where Redshift proved its stellar reputation, and the halls of Revolution HQ in Skydock are lined with trophies from this race and its annual qualifying competitions: the Trans-Pact Tour, the Inner World Classic, the Liavaran Ring Regatta, and others. But for over a decade now, no Redshift Revolution vessel has won the Absalom Run, instead finishing behind Terminator racers. The shame and humiliation at Redshift has thrown the company’s management into turmoil and created an opening for a new generation of engineers and inventors hungry to take the company in a new direction.

This cabal of young mechanics and charismatic executives, led by Selcora Grase (CG female Verthani), took over the X Series of racing craft, then threw away every established design to start anew. Grase recruited hand-picked iconoclasts from throughout the Pact Worlds and Near Space, including everything from physicists and material chemists to garage mechanics and ex-convicts. The result has been a promising run of experimental high-speed vessels, including the X-61—which was favored to win the last Absalom Run until a mysterious system failure forced the team to withdraw—and the even faster X-62 (page 85). But the success of Grase’s team has drawn ire from Redshift’s old-fashioned corporate board, which has managed to fire much of her staff. Grase now needs a new pilot and crew for the next qualifying race, or she will be forced to withdraw.

Manufacturer Perk: A Redshift Revolution starship can use standard navigation to go into orbit or land in 1 hour, travel point-to-point on a planet in 1d3 hours, reach a satellite in 1d6 hours, and travel in-system in 1d4+2 days.