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Ringworks Industries

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 74
Practical Luxury
Manufacturing Centers: Verces (Skydock)
Specialties: Accessible designs for those who can’t otherwise afford Vercite-level luxury
Famous Models: Peacebringer, Sentinel, Specter, Wanderer

Ringworks Industries is one of the oldest starship manufacturers in the Pact Worlds, and its starships are the measuring stick by which many others are tested. Historians estimate the company predates the Gap by several centuries, though records are sparse. Ringworks helped pioneer interplanetary exploration with its original aethership designs, launched from the ancient Skydock space platform in geosynchronous orbit above Verces. The space elevator in the stalk connecting Skydock to the surface of Verces allowed Ringworks to easily transport heavy machinery and ship-building materials out of the planet’s gravity well and into orbit, where large-scale starship production could more readily take place. Ringworks grew and diversified its product line as demand for interplanetary trade increased; Ringworks Industries is now synonymous with space travel throughout the Pact Worlds.

Unlike other Vercite starship manufacturers, Ringworks eschewed opulent starship designs aimed at flagrant displays of status and luxury, instead focusing on making starships more practical and accessible. Corporate historians are unsure how the company chose this strategy, but it has been in place at Ringworks since the Gap and survives to this day. What Ringworks designs lack in terms of luxurious accommodations, they make up for with speed and maneuverability. Ringworks blends the sleek aerodynamics of atmospheric aircraft with the durability and survivability of orbital spacecraft; the company’s frames are preferred by those who need fast transport and support starships that can handle themselves in a fight.

It’s not unusual to see Ringworks starships still in service 200 or even 300 years after their original manufacture date. Ringworks employs highly refined classic designs that have survived the test of time, with only subtle changes evident between production years. This longevity has created a very strong secondary market for Ringworks starships, with collectors often purchasing early models and retrofitting them with modern communications and navigation technology while leaving much of the original propulsion and maneuvering systems intact. Depending on the significance of events recorded in a ship’s long-term logs, these retrofitted ships can sell for more than newly manufactured versions, with some particularly famous wartime models going for a fortune in credits.

Manufacturer Perk: Starships manufactured by Ringworks are so common that parts and trained mechanics abound in the Pact Worlds. Reduce the credit and UPB cost for repairs by 10% (to a minimum of 1 credit or UPB per point of damage); reduce the time required for repairs by 1 hour (to a minimum of 1 hour); and reduce the time required to refit the starship by 1 day (to a minimum of 1 day).