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Thaumtech Unlimited

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 76
Precognizant Engineers
Manufacturing Centers: Eox (Thousand Moons)
Specialties: “Smart” ships and reconnaissance vessels
Famous Models: Cairncarver, Omenbringer, Shadowcaster

Thaumtech Unlimited is an oddity among starship manufacturers. Though it goes long stretches between releases, each design is a runaway success. Its quality-of-life features— like immersive infosphere integration, smart-acoustics hull lattices, and phrenic AI assistance—are released to rave reviews, and the company can coast for years on a single starship release. Thaumtech even has a cult following among tech enthusiasts, who eagerly hype the slightest announcement. The company encourages this excitement, hosting outlandish reveal events and granting sponsorships to vidstream celebrities who record their live reactions. Their largest announcements have even involved the rambunctious personality Zo!, whose undead antics already draw media attention.

Few starship manufacturers are as secretive as Thaumtech Unlimited. Formed during the Gap, the company lost nearly all of its records after the Gap ended, including the company’s data about its own operations. Not deterred by the loss, Thaumtech utilized every magical and technological resource at its disposal to launch an aggressive (and invasive) market research campaign to recoup its losses. It was able to profit enormously in a short amount of time by capitalizing on consumer trends and honing its marketing with a laser focus. The company’s most notable success was the Shadowcaster, the first Drift-capable Eoxian starship.

The Shadowcaster would forever be remembered in Eoxian history, and netted Thaumtech enormous profits. However, it also drew the attention of jealous rivals. In 42 ag, Thaumtech was hit with an enormous fine for market abuse under the new Absalom Pact regulations on divination magic. Soon after, its Eoxian rivals pushed the company off Eox entirely, and Thaumtech was forced to consolidate activity in self-contained mining-manufactories on the Thousand Moons. Yet despite these attempts to sink the company, Thaumtech remains a wildly popular manufacturer. Its profits have only expanded, and the physical isolation of its factories enables its operations to be more discreet.

Thaumtech is unique among Eoxian manufacturers in that it regularly designs for both living and undead clientele. Though widely popular, the corporation is often under scrutiny. The starship computers Thaumtech installs are riddled with proprietary code that is difficult to unravel, and attempts to edit this code risk destroying the ship’s computers entirely. Privacy experts caution against holding private conversations aboard a Thaumtech ship; with all of Thaumtech’s innovations, the computers could be the least of who or what is listening.

Manufacturer Perk: Thaumtech operating systems are among the most secure in the Pact Worlds. Anti-hacking systems cost 1 BP less to install.