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United Interfaith Engineering

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 76
Ecumenical Engineers
Manufacturing Centers: Akiton, Castrovel, Verces
Specialties: Starships built for adventure
Famous Models: Hiveguard, Petaltail, Skimmer

United Interfaith Engineering (UIE) is the newest of the major shirren starship manufacturers. While Starhive split from Hivonyx over a difference of opinion regarding pacifism, the culture of both companies remains heavily Hylaxian. However, as shirrens have integrated into Pact Worlds life, many of them have followed other religious paths. Those interested in technology and engineering often follow Triune; those who love exploration regularly worship Weydan; and others still find spiritual comfort and creative inspiration in Oras, Sarenrae, or myriad others. Many of the shirrens who work in starship manufacturing have explored other religious paths and wanted a workplace that was less steeped in Hylaxian traditions.

Twenty years ago, former employees of both Starhive and Hivonyx formed the first UIE facility on Castrovel. The company is still staffed predominantly by shirrens but employs more non-shirren employees than its competitors. Over a hundred faiths are represented among its employees, and the company fosters an inclusive atmosphere. UIE is still growing rapidly and has had difficulty hiring enough personnel. Executives have begun new programs to hire and train engineers and technicians in collaboration with technical schools across more than 30 planets, with diversity-forward policies promoting and celebrating the inclusion of ever more faiths and philosophies at the company. This rapid expansion has triggered persistent growing pains, particularly as the numerous religious tenets come into conflict on manufacturing floors and in board rooms alike. Strangely, the Hylaxian employees seem to start the most arguments. Seeing Hylaxian principles presented as a mere corporate facet rather than as a unifying philosophy tends to inspire uncharacteristic outbursts in shirrens of that faith, despite their peaceful goals.

The first starships UIE made were mid-sized, well-defended designs like the Hiveguard, designed for deep exploration in dangerous areas. The company struggled to find a niche in which to compete with Starhive and Hivonyx, but found a market in customers who wanted to explore the galaxy and needed more firepower than Hivonyx provided at a lower cost than Starhive could offer. From the tiny Petaltail, which fits a single individual, to the much larger Hiveguard, which suits mercenaries and small corporations, many customers make UIE vehicles their ship of choice. The company offers customizable exteriors to suit shirren clientele but uses insectile features that aren’t off-putting to humans, lashuntas, or ysoki, ensuring its designs suit non-shirrens as well.

Manufacturer Perk: UIE’s ships are built for exploration and adventure, often with minimal crews. UIE starships can be operated with a crew 10% smaller than what is listed for the frame (minimum complement 1).