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Klokworx Industries

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 67
Unlike state-owned Azlanti manufacturers, Klokworx Industries does not operate within the empire’s capital. Instead, it builds and outfits ships from a moon where the state’s influence and interest are limited to ordering specialized ships. Klokworx avoids most elitist and discriminatory Azlanti practices. Its ships combine the state’s principles of sacred geometry with the best technological advances of other species. This openness extends to their engineers and crews; many diverse species hold captain or officer status aboard Klokworx ships, fostering a strong sense of community and loyalty.

Klokworx specializes in smaller drone and scout starships, such as the Prism—a starship with a crew of only two—and the Drone, an unmanned ship used to confuse the sensors of other vessels. Those who encounter these tiny vessels rarely have an opportunity to capture them intact and study them further due to their built-in self-destruct systems.