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Nebulor Outfitters

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 67
Based in the Diaspora, Nebulor Outfitters has a ragtag nature, representative of the folk who live on the outskirts of Pact space. This company doesn’t specialize in any one type of ship, instead taking commissions from the highest bidder and scavenging enough scrap to fulfill any contract. Nebulor doesn’t care who buys its ships or serves as crew, gladly working with pirates, smugglers, adventurers, or even the occasional high-ranking official seeking discretion.

Nebulor provides customizable, multi-purpose ships like the Starhopper and Skymedic (page 84) that serve in many roles, from simple transportation to piracy. These rugged vessels hold up under fire and are technologically advanced enough to protect themselves. Nebulor seeks to hire disenfranchised engineers and technologists who bring unique knowledge and expertise to the table—especially those who have no compunction against cutting corners or installing the occasional “special modification.”