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Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 67
Elves are haunted by the past. Betrayed in an event they no longer remember, elves have become very isolated, and most refuse to leave their homes on Sovyrian. Sov-El, a mysterious elven corporation, is the only widely known manufacturer of elven starships.

While many manufacturers build their vessels for a single purpose, such as transportation or war, Sov-El accommodates elven isolationist tendencies with sleek but immense ships that replicate Castrovel’s environmental wonders, even reproducing beloved rooms of elvish homes, complete with scenic views. It’s rare for non-elves to serve on these ships, and the elves who fly them rarely leave them, except when forced to by necessity or emergency. Sov-El continues to churn out bigger and better starship weaponry as well, ensuring that no one disturbs the peaceful solitude its elven clientele desires.