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Adamantine Alloy

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 22
Famously strong, pure adamantine is too expensive to incorporate into something as large as a starship, but its alloys can impart some of the metal’s infamous deadliness and impregnability.


Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 22
BP Cost Special
Adamantine alloy armor protects a starship against all but the strongest attacks. This armor grants the starship a Damage Threshold equal to the armor’s bonus to AC, stacking with the starship’s existing Damage Threshold. Adamantine alloy increases a starship’s size category by 1 for the purpose of calculating the cost of its armor; the value of a Supercolossal ship’s size category increases from 8 to 9 for this purpose.
See Fortified Hull for denser adamantine armor.

Weapon Mount

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 22
BP Cost Special
Adamantine alloy weapons are extraordinarily destructive, capable of tearing apart unprotected targets. When such a weapon strikes a target in a quadrant without functioning shields, it deals +1 damage per damage die to the target. Against a starship with functioning deflector shields (page 20), an adamantine alloy weapon reduces that quadrant’s defense value by an additional 1 for each hit that reduces the target’s Hull Points; this stacks with the effects of weapon special properties such as array, line, and ripper.
Mounting an adamantine alloy weapon increases its BP cost by an amount equal to half the weapon’s damage dice. If a weapon’s damage is multiplied, multiply the cost increase by an equal amount.