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Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 22
The rarest of star metals, horacalcum is a dull, orange-brown metal with the potent ability to warp space-time around itself.

Defensive Countermeasures

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 22
BP Cost +4 BP
A horacalcum lattice incorporated into a starship’s defensive countermeasures creates a field of space-time fluctuation that slows larger incoming projectiles. The speed of any tracking weapon fired at the starship is reduced by 25% (round down the final speed).


Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 22
BP Cost +2 BP
By bending space around a vessel in subtle ways, horacalcum thrusters propel a starship at incredible speeds and enable improbable maneuvers. Horacalcum increases the maximum speed of any thrusters by 1 and reduces a starship’s Piloting check penalty based on its maximum speed by 1 (minimum +0). Active horacalcum thrusters glow with a telltale orange hue.