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Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 22
Nicknamed “ghost iron” due to its ability to phase through denser materials, inubrix is a soft metal typically alloyed with platinum before being incorporated into a starship’s systems.


Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 23
BP Cost +1 BP
Leaving ephemeral, smoky contrails, inubrix thrusters allow parts of a starship to phase through physical matter for crucial seconds, turning glancing blows into near misses. The starship’s pilot gains a +1 circumstance bonus to Piloting checks to avoid hazards, and damage dealt to the starship by hazards is reduced by an amount equal to its tier.

Weapon Mount

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 23
BP Cost Special
An inubrix alloy weapon’s payload phases in and out of reality, potentially bypassing armor and interior bulwarks to inflict extraordinary damage to a target’s inner systems. Whenever an inubrix alloy weapon scores critical damage against a starship, it has a 20% chance to critically damage the randomly determined system twice. For example, it might cause an undamaged system to gain the malfunctioning condition rather than the glitching condition.
Inubrix weapons provide no additional benefit against biomechanical starships and starship-scale creatures. Mounting a light, heavy, capital, or spinal weapon with inubrix increases its cost by 2 BP, 6 BP, 10 BP, or 10 BP, respectively.