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Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 22
Siccatite is a silvery starmetal renowned for its extreme resiliency to thermal energy. Capable of acting either as “cold” siccatite or “hot” siccatite, trace quantities of this material commonly reinforce and absorb heat from starship power cores and thrusters.


Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 23
BP Cost +2 BP
Siccatite armor has the unique ability to absorb massive amounts of heat, allowing the metal to withstand friction better than nearly any other material. When a starship with siccatite armor moves through an atmosphere (page 52), it treats the current friction level as if it were one level less severe when determining the amount of damage the starship sustains (severe becomes high, high becomes moderate, moderate becomes low, and low becomes none).

Defensive Countermeasures

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 23
BP Cost +3 BP
By wrapping key portions of a starship in an insulated mesh of siccatite, the extremely hot or frigid metal can obscure the vessel’s systems against enemy sensors. Treat a starship with siccatite defensive countermeasures as 2 tiers higher when determining the Computers DC of science officer actions that use the protected starship’s tier to calculate the DC of Computers checks.