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Special Properties

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 304
Some weapons have special properties, as noted on the starship weapon tables. These special properties and how they affect starship combat are described here.


Source Starfinder #20: The Last Refuge pg. 48
A connecting weapon creates a ropy tendril. If the weapon hits, this tendril connects the firing vessel and the one struck. While maintaining this connection, the weapon can’t be used to connect to another starship. Instead, while connected, both vessels have a maneuverability rating that's one worse than normal and can move at no more than half speed. A larger vessel can tow a smaller one. If both vessels are the same size, either can tow the other. Neither starship can move more than 5 hexes from the other until the connection is broken. A crew member of the firing starship can break the connection as an action during any phase. The pilot of the target starship can do so by using an action to attempt a Piloting check (DC = 15 + 1-1/2 x the tier of the firing ship), breaking the connection on a success. The tendril has the AC and TL of the firing starship and no shields. It breaks if it takes any damage, ending the connection.