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Special Properties

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 304
Some weapons have special properties, as noted on the starship weapon tables. These special properties and how they affect starship combat are described here.


Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 14
A weapon with this special property (referred to as the launcher) can be mounted only in a starship’s aft quadrant and can be activated only using the lay mines gunner crew action during the helm phase. A launcher cannot be activated using the fire at will, shoot, broadside, or precise targeting crew actions. Launchers are typically tracking weapons with the limited fire special property, and each time one is activated, it spreads the indicated number of mines over an equal number of hexes along the starship’s flight path. A deployed mine has an AC and TL equal to 12 + the launching starship’s tier, and each mine has 1 Hull Point. A mine’s effective speed is 4 when targeted by point weapons.
Anytime a starship exits a hex adjacent to a mine, the gunner who placed the mine attempts an immediate gunnery check against the triggering starship’s TL. If they succeed, the mine deals its listed damage and effects to the starship’s aft quadrant, after which the mine is destroyed. If a starship would enter a hex containing a mine, the gunner who placed the mine instead attempts an immediate gunnery check as above but with a +2 circumstance bonus against the triggering starship’s TL, and any damage is dealt to the starship’s forward quadrant. If a mine’s gunnery check fails, the mine remains in that hex, and the triggering starship can complete its movement without further risk from that mine during that phase.
Mines don’t activate until a few moments after being dispersed so as not to damage their launching starship. If a starship would trigger a mine’s attack during the same helm phase in which it was dispersed, the triggering starship gains a +4 circumstance bonus to its TL against the mine’s gunnery check.