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Functioning similarly to cybernetics, biotech items include modifications to your DNA combined with implants of biological origin that integrate into your physiology. Biotech mostly operates by the same rules as cybernetics and uses the same implantation slots.

Growth Glands

Source Starfinder #29: The Cradle Infestation pg. 50
Item Level 6; Price 3,900; System Spinal Column
Your largest bones are embedded with specialized glands that can cause you to radically increase in size. You can’t activate these glands while you’re wearing armor that isn’t fitted to you. Activating this augmentation requires a full action. While you are transformed, your size increases by one size category. If you become Large or larger, your reach increases by 5 feet, the amount of Bulk you can carry before being encumbered increases by 2, and you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to checks to destroy an object using Strength. The effect of the glands lasts 1 minute. You must rest for 10 minutes to regain Stamina Points to reactivate the glands or spend 1 Resolve Point to recharge them immediately.