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Cybernetic augmentations use machines and circuitry integrated with the flesh and bone of the recipient. In most cases, cybernetics must be installed into the body by a trained surgeon—a process that takes 1 hour per level of the augmentation and the price of which is covered in the price of the cybernetic. Cybernetics are more than just machine implants: they are complex meldings of technology and the living host’s own organs. This allows them to be hardened against assaults that affect other technologies in ways robots and other entirely technological creatures can’t. Cybernetics are not subject to any effect or attack that targets technology unless it specifies that it affects cybernetics.

Prosthetic Limb, Standard1100Arm and hand, or leg and foot
Anosmatic Shunt1120Lungs
Vocal Modulator1125Throat
Voice Amplifier1125Throat
Weapon Learning Subroutine, Basic1125Brain
Hideaway Limb, Standard1150Arm or leg
Society Subdermal Graft, Single1150Hand
Respiration Compounder1250Lungs
Charge Palm1350One Hand
Haptic Database2500Hand
Lightvision Shades2500Eyes
Datajack, Standard2625Brain
Bronchial Valves2700Lungs
Thruster Heels31,250Feet
Spinal Struts, Minimal31,260Spinal column
Pheromap, Basic31,300Brain
Retinal Reflectors31,350Eyes
Olfaction Core, Mk 131,350Nose
Prosthetic Limb, Storage31,450Arm and hand, or leg and foot
Optical Laser, Azimuth31,530Eye
Darkvision Capacitors, Standard31,750Eyes
Fortified Feet41,850All feet
Speed Suspension, Minimal41,900All legs
Inner Gyros42,000Ears
Threshold Buffer, Mk 142,080Heart
Emotional Regulator42,120Brain
Weaponized Prosthesis, Mk 142,120Arm and hand
Force Lattice42,200Skin
Voice Encoder, Primal42,250Throat
Datajack, High-Density52,600Brains
Solar Overload Conduit, Mk 152,640Skin
Bionic Knee52,750All legs
Pheromap, Advanced52,750Brain
Wide-Spectrum Ocular Implant52,825Eyes
Antitoxin Membrane53,000Skin
Dermal Plating, Mk 153,025Skin
Hideaway Limb, Quickdraw53,050Arm or leg
Force Matrix, Mk 153,300Hand
Detoxifier, Standard53,500Heart
Cardiac Accelerator63,850Heart
Weapon Learning Subroutine, Advanced64,000Brain
Adaptive Fingerprints64,030All Hands
Spinal Struts, Standard64,030Spinal column
X-Legs, Basic64,295All legs and feet
Olfaction Core, Mk 264,300Nose
Biosynthetic Nanites, Mk 164,450Skin
Echolocators, Reactive64,450Ears
Nanite Tempograft, Mk 164,500Brain and Skin
Polarizing Palm75,850Hand
Limning Palm76,300Hand
Fusion Eyes76,400Eyes
Shortwave Receiver-Transmitter76,500Brain
Partitioned Personality Module76,800Eyes
Dermal Plating, Mk 276,950Skin
Illusion Refractor77,000Eyes
Optical Laser, Corona77,140Eye
Starship Neural Link88,500Brain
Datajack, Accelerated88,525Brain
Recoil Stabilizer88,550Arm and hand
Speed Suspension, Standard88,800All legs
Adrenal Booster88,900Endocrine
Darkvision Capacitors, Advanced89,000Eyes
Weaponized Prosthesis, Mk 289,250Arm and hand
Disquieting Nanites810,000Skin and Throat
Nanite Tempograft, Mk 2810,000Brain and Skin
Olfaction Core, Mk 3913,400Nose
Threshold Buffer, Mk 2913,500Heart
Biosynthetic Nanites, Mk 2913,700Skin
Echolocators, Active913,700Ears
Dermal Plating, Mk 3917,975Skin
Solar Overload Conduit, Mk 21016,800Skin
Spinal Struts, Reinforced1017,640Spinal column
Artificial Third Eye1018,000Brain and eyes
Cybernetic Arm, Single1124,750Spinal column
Refraction Shell1125,000Skin
Thorgothrel Armature1125,000Spinal Column
Optical Laser, Aphelion1126,520Eye
Force Matrix, Mk 21126,750Hand
Voice Encoder, Sophisticate1127,500Throat
Speed Suspension, Complete1232,900All legs
Linguistic Capacitor1233,600Brain
X-Legs, Climbing1235,600All legs and feet
Tremor Soles1237,000Feet
Nanite Tempograft, Mk 31238,000Brain and Skin
Detoxifier, Enhanced1239,500Heart
Dermal Plating, Mk 41248,850Skin
Darkvision Capacitors, Long-Range1348,950Eyes
Biosynthetic Nanites, Mk 31350,900Skin
Echolocators, Enhanced1350,900Ears
Conductive Carrier1351,000Lungs and Throat
Soft-Light Holoframe1470,100Skin
Cybernetic Arm, Dual1470,150Spinal column
Dermal Plating, Mk 514105,000Skin
Threshold Buffer, Mk 315110,000Heart
Solar Overload Conduit, Mk 315120,000Skin
Optical Laser, Parallax15122,400Eye
Dermal Plating, Mk 616163,500Skin
Force Matrix, Mk 317278,100Hand
Cerebral backup18375,000Brain
Dermal Plating, Mk 719542,000Skin
Detoxifier, Elite19612,000Heart
Optical Laser, Zenith19612,000Eye