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Source Starfinder Armory pg. 90
Requiring both surgical skill and arcane mastery to create and install, magitech augmentations are a combination of cybernetic and magical components. These augmentations usually contain elements such as mystically charged crystals, starmetal alloys, and rune-covered microchips and are highly sought after by those who wish increase their magical might, such as technomancers. However, any spacefarer can benefit from even the most basic magitech augmentations.

Magitech augmentations follow much the same rules as all other augmentations in regards to implantation, activation, and removal (see page 208 of the Core Rulebook). Though they can be detected and crafted as if they were hybrid items, once they are installed, they become a part of your body and generally can’t be affected by abilities that disable or destroy hybrid items.

Moonlight Fibers0Spinal column
Technopathy Node1220Throat
Morphic Skin, Basic1370Skin
Gravitational Harness, Mk 12515Spinal column
Psychoactive Eyes, Fascinating2965Eyes
Velstrac Shackle, Follower31,200Arm
Intercepting Ears, Mk 131,225Ears
Galeforce Lungs, Standard31,300Lungs
Hypernerves, Mk 131,400Nervous
Deletion Pads42,000One Hand
Nimble Soles42,000Feet
Morphic Skin, Advanced42,030Skin
Psychic Strike Node, Basic42,100Brain
Force Soles, Mk 142,260All feet
Selective Ears52,830Ears
Levitation Soles52,900All Feet
Charged Skin53,075Skin
Dimensional Gland, Experimental53,100Endocrine
Rune-Etched Chitin, Mk 153,175Skin
Ley Veins, Apprentice63,900Endocrine
Psychoactive Eyes, Charming64,250Eyes
Morphic Skin, Doppelganger64,400Skin
Resonant Larynx, Standard64,400Throat
Restless Pineal Gland75,500Endocrine
Synchronous Heart76,300Heart
Ecstasy Mask77,000Brain
Fluttering Heart88,220Heart
Velstrac Shackle, Acolyte89,100Arm
Deception Node89,500Brain
Rune-Etched Chitin, Mk 289,700Skin
Force Soles, Mk 2810,700All feet
Gravitational Harness, Mk 2912,700Spinal column
Galeforce Lungs, Gust912,900Lungs
Hypernerves, Mk 2913,400Nervous
Psychic Strike Node, Standard913,500Brain
Intercepting Ears, Mk 2913,600Ears
Dispelling Hand914,300Hand
Personal Stasis Unit9113,000Skin
Cloaking Skin, Standard1018,000Skin
Holographic Eyes, Mk 11018,300Brain and eyes
Wing Extensions, Mk 11018,500Spinal Column
Velstrac Shackle, Penitent1125,000Arm
Rune-Etched Chitin, Mk 31125,200Skin
Enchanting Vocal Modulator, Monofrequency1125,400Throat
Resonant Larynx, Advanced1125,500Throat
Arcane Lenses1125,900Eyes
Ley Veins, Adept1232,000Endocrine
Divining Mirror Neurons1236,400Brain
Dimensional Braces1238,000All legs
Aeon Eye1346,000Eye
Galeforce Lungs, Storm 1349,000Lungs
Holographic Eyes, Mk 21349,700Brain and eyes
Dimensional Gland, Immersive 1350,000Endocrine
Enchanting Vocal Modulator, Duofrequency1466,500Throat
Force Palms1469,500All hands
Psychic Strike Node, Advanced1473,000Brain
Psychokinetic Sleeve1475,000Arm and hand
Sciatic Agonizer1475,000All Legs
Rune-Etched Chitin, Mk 41477,000Skin
Velstrac Shackle, Ecclesiastic15102,000Arm
Hypernerves, Mk 315106,800Nervous
Antimagic Skin, Mk 115109,400Skin
Gravitational Harness, Mk 315118,500Spinal column
Planar Lenses15122,000Eyes
Heart of Darkness16145,000Heart
Anchored Arms16170,800Spinal Column
Antimagic Skin, Mk 216170,800Skin
Scuttle Engine, Mk 116170,800Spinal Column, All Feet, All Legs
Wing Extensions, Mk 216175,000Spinal Column
Aeon Gage16200,000Hand
Enchanting Vocal Modulator, Quadfrequency17225,000Throat
Antimagic Skin, Mk 317263,000Skin
Rune-Etched Chitin, Mk 517263,000Skin
Holographic Eyes, Mk 317266,000Brain and eyes
Cloaking Skin, Greater17270,000Skin
Ley Veins, Archmage18325,000Endocrine
Control Mirror Neurons18365,000Brain
Antimagic Skin, Mk 418388,000Skin
Velstrac Shackle, Devotional19431,000Arm
Galeforce Lungs, Hurricane19545,000Lungs
Psychic Strike Node, Elite19557,000Brain
Antimagic Skin, Mk 519587,000Skin
Scuttle Engine, Mk 219587,800Spinal Column, All Feet, All Legs
Holographic Eyes, Mk 420820,000Brain and eyes
Antimagic Skin, Mk 620891,000Skin
Rune-Etched Chitin, Mk 620891,000Skin
Seismic Spine201,075,000Spine