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Species Grafts

This section introduces a new type of augmentation known as a species graft, giving you the ability to partially transcend your species by taking on the racial traits of other species. Species grafts follow the rules for augmentations, in that they are installed in specific systems on your body. Once installed, they become a part of your body and generally can't be affected by abilities that destroy or disable objects. Most of these augmentations are installed into the more common systems.

Species grafts can be cybernetics, biotech, magitech, nanite enhancements, or any other form of augmentation. A specific species graft might describe its form, but that is merely an example. Your GM might decide what a species graft looks like when you purchase one or you might determine its specifics when you craft it. This doesn't affect how a species graft functions—only its appearance.

The benefits of a species graft don't stack with the benefits granted by a racial trait of the same name. For example, a vesk character can't benefit from the armor savant graft. Species grafts are different from other augmentations in that they count as the racial trait mentioned in the name of the graft, and having one installed allows you to take feats and other player options that have that racial trait as a prerequisite. For example, if you have a limited telepathy graft installed, you count as having the limited telepathy racial trait in order to satisfy the prerequisite for the Extended Telepathy feat. You can't replace racial traits granted by species grafts with alternate racial traits, as those must be chosen at 1st level.

If you have a species graft removed, you no longer count as having the associated racial trait. If you have feats or other options with that racial trait as a prerequisite, you can no longer use them. You can replace a feat with a new one that has no prerequisites by spending a full week retraining.

Polymath Graft1140Brain
Carbonic Respiration Graft1150Lungs
Cold Inured Graft1150Skin
Hold Breath Graft1200Lungs
Photosynthesis Graft1300Skin
Balanced Graft1350All Feet
Nimble Graft1375All Feet
Applied Knowledge Graft1400Brain
Skin Mimic Graft2450Skin
Desert Stride Graft2480All Legs
Partner Bond Graft2480Brain and Throat
Stealthy Swimmer Graft2550All Legs
Bulwark Graft2600Spinal Column
Squirt Blood Graft2700Eye
Bolt Graft2750All Legs and Feet
Electrolocation Graft2750All Hands or All Feet
Natural Weapons Graft21,000Hand, Foot, or Spinal Column
Maze Mind Graft31,200Brain
Slow Fall Graft31,200Spinal Column
Heat Tracker Graft31,225All Eyes
Lurker Graft31,250Skin
Stonecunning Graft31,250All Eyes
Communalism Graft31,300Brain
Defensive Ball Graft31,300Spinal Column
Eternal Hope Graft31,300Brain
Sneaky Graft31,300All Feet
Absorb Force Graft31,350All Hands
Limited Telepathy Graft31,500Brain
Celestial Radiance Graft41,800Skin
Fiendish Gloom Graft41,800Skin
Tinker Graft41,800Hand
Psychometry Graft41,875Hand and Brain
Beguiling Glow Graft41,900Skin
Amplify Graft42,000Skin
Void Flyer Graft42,000Lung and Spinal Column
Elven Immunities Graft42,100Brain
Retract Graft42,100Spinal Column
Hyper Graft42,125Heart
Upgrade Slot Graft52,700See Text
Atmospheric Alteration Graft52,750Lungs
Resist Energy Drain Graft52,800Heart
Armor Savant Graft53,000Skin
Ferocity Graft53,000Heart
Gambler's Risk53,100Brain
Strix Mobility Graft53,100Spinal Column
Lashunta Magic Graft53,200All Hands
Cheek Pouches Graft63,900Throat
Kanabo Magic Graft63,900All Hands
Impel Truth Graft64,000Brain
Shielded Thoughts Graft64,225Brain
Ferocious Charge Graft64,250All Arms And Legs
Force Bolt Graft64,300Brain
Rolling Charge Graft64,400All Legs
Snag Graft64,400All Arms
Atmospheric Adaptation Graft64,500Lungs
Dessamar Magic Graft76,200All Hands
Lithic Graft88,500Heart and Lungs
Hardened Mantle Graft89,000Skin
Psychic Shunt Graft89,000Brain
Buoy Graft89,500Brain
Electrical Affinity Graft89,500All Hands and Skin
Early Stage Adaptation Graft913,000All Arms and Skin
Grave Touch Graft1017,000All Hands
Phase Graft1017,500Skin
Prehensile Tail Graft1124,750Spinal Column