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Functioning similarly to cybernetics, biotech items include modifications to your DNA combined with implants of biological origin that integrate into your physiology. Biotech mostly operates by the same rules as cybernetics and uses the same implantation slots.

Focusing Membrane

The biological tissue a tashtari uses to produce its muzzle beam, a focusing membrane must be installed as part of an optical laser cybernetic augmentation of its item level or higher, adding to that augmentation’s cost but allowing two augmentations in one system. An optical laser modified with a focusing membrane treats a target’s fire resistance as if it were 5 lower (10 lower for mk 2). This benefit does not apply to the laser’s burn critical hit effect.

Focusing Membrane, Mk 1

Source Alien Archive 2 pg. 125
Item Level 4; Price 1,925; System Eyes

Focusing Membrane, Mk 2

Source Alien Archive 2 pg. 125
Item Level 9; Price 13,260; System Eyes