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Source Starfinder Armory pg. 90
Requiring both surgical skill and arcane mastery to create and install, magitech augmentations are a combination of cybernetic and magical components. These augmentations usually contain elements such as mystically charged crystals, starmetal alloys, and rune-covered microchips and are highly sought after by those who wish increase their magical might, such as technomancers. However, any spacefarer can benefit from even the most basic magitech augmentations.

Magitech augmentations follow much the same rules as all other augmentations in regards to implantation, activation, and removal (see page 208 of the Core Rulebook). Though they can be detected and crafted as if they were hybrid items, once they are installed, they become a part of your body and generally can’t be affected by abilities that disable or destroy hybrid items.

Dimensional Gland

This augmentation grafts into your pituitary gland or other organs responsible for regulating growth, forcing your body to conform to smaller or larger versions of yourself from parallel realities. Once per day as a full action, you can activate the augmentation to either grow one size category larger (maximum Large) or shrink to one size category smaller (minimum Tiny) than your natural size. If you grow, your weight increases by a factor of 8, you gain a +1 enhancement bonus to Strength ability checks and skill checks, and your reach increases by 5 feet if your new size is Small or Large. If you shrink, your weight decreases by a factor of 8, you gain a +1 enhancement bonus to Dexterity ability checks and skill checks, and your reach decreases by 5 feet if your new size is Tiny (minimum 0-foot reach) or Medium (minimum 5-foot reach). If you attempt to grow to a size that your current space can’t accommodate, the transformation fails. Your equipment resizes to remain functional, and your other statistics are unchanged. Any equipment that leaves your possession for more than 1 minute reverts to its normal size over the following round.
An experimental dimensional gland can sustain this transformation for a number of minutes equal to your Constitution modifier (minimum 1 minute). An immersive dimensional gland can sustain the transformation for a number of hours equal to 1 + your Constitution modifier (minimum 1 hour), and you can spend 1 Resolve Point as a full action to increase the duration by an additional number of hours equal to your Constitution modifier. Once the duration expires, or once you dismiss the effect as a full action, you revert to your original size.

Dimensional Gland, Experimental

Source Tech Revolution pg. 58
Item Level 5; Price 3,100; System Endocrine

Dimensional Gland, Immersive

Source Tech Revolution pg. 58
Item Level 13; Price 50,000; System Endocrine