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Source Starfinder Armory pg. 94
Necrografts are augmentations utilizing undead organs and necromantic rituals rather than technology. They were invented on Eox, and they are most commonly available in Orphys and at the Necroforge within Eox’s Lifeline. Most other Pact Worlds outlaw the creation and installation of necrografts (though not their possession), but they can still be found in some less reputable back-alley augmentation clinics on multiple worlds throughout the system and beyond.

Necrografts follow the existing rules for augmentations (Core Rulebook 208), but they use different components than biotech and cybernetics. Any biotech or cybernetic augmentation can be created as a necrograft and installed for only 90% of the augmentation’s normal cost, but doing so causes the recipient to gain the necrograft subtype (see below). Necrografts have the same system restrictions that all augmentations share.

For those low on funds, some bone sages and corporations on Eox are willing to defer the cost of travel to Eox and augmentation for any client who signs a corpse-lease agreement. Necrograft versions of standard prosthetic limbs (Core Rulebook 210) and necrograft ears, eyes, or tongues (which use the same mechanics as prosthetic limbs but serve as sensory organs and occupy the corresponding system) can even be implanted with no up-front cost. However, the corpselease agreement states that if the recipient dies before paying off all the costs associated with the travel and augmentation, the leasing Eoxian group owns the patient’s body, which it then uses in creating undead servitors or more necrografts. More advanced necrografts aren’t generally available without payment in full (though complimentary travel is likely to still be offered to customers within the Pact Worlds).

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Mk 11200
Mk 264,000
Mk 31230,000
Mk 418350,000
Mk 520775,000

Grave Wind

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 96
System Lungs
A grave wind necrograft replaces your lungs with black, undead lungs that can still pump air and oxygenate blood, but they are also able to exhale a diseased miasma. As a standard action a number of times per day equal to the necrograft’s mark, you can expose an adjacent creature to a necromantic disease. The disease inflicted depends on the model of the grave wind, as indicated in the Grave Wind table above.

These necromantic diseases act as the diseases of the same name, except for the following. The save DC is determined by the necrograft and its recipient. No wound or actual transfer of air is necessary for the disease to affect a target; even someone in armor with its environmental seals active can be exposed. A creature infected with such a disease is not a carrier, so it can’t pass the disease on to other victims. Creatures immune to death effects are immune to these diseases, and any bonus a creature has to saving throws against death effects applies to saves against these diseases. The diseases don’t count as death effects for other purposes, such as raise dead.
Mk 1Filth fever
Mk 2Cackle fever
Mk 3Devil chills
Mk 4Demon fever
Mk 5Mummy rot