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Astral Devourer

Source Starfinder #51: Into the Dataverse pg. 55

Astral Devourer Tier 9

N Medium starship construct
Speed 8; Maneuverability good (turn 1); Drift 1
AC 23; TL 22
HP 270; DT —; CT 54
Shields medium 160 (forward 40, port 40, starboard 40, aft 40)
Attack (Forward) monomolecular nanite railgun (8d8, 10 hexes), singularity beam (3d6 plus EMP, 5 hexes)
Attack (Aft) monomolecular nanite railgun (8d6, 10 hexes)
Attack (Turret) particle laser array (3d6, 10 hexes)
Power Core singularity (250 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Basic; Systems mk 4 armor, mk 3 defenses; Expansion Bays none
Other Abilities living starship, monomolecular nanite infestation (DC 23), regeneration, void adaptation


Engineer (1 actions) Engineering +17 (9 ranks)
Gunners (2 actions) gunnery +15 (9th level)
Pilot (1 action) Piloting +18 (9 ranks)
Science Officer (1 action) Computers +22 (9 ranks)


Environment any vacuum or the Drift
Organization solitary

Special Abilities

Living Starship (Ex) An astral devourer is a living creature so immense that it functions as a starship (and thus engages only in starship combat). It has no crew, but it can still take engineering, gunner, pilot, and science officer actions using the skill bonuses, ranks, and level listed above. Modifiers for its size, speed, and maneuverability have already been factored into its statistics. Use the table below whenever the astral devourer takes critical damage.
1–30Weapons ArrayRandomly determine one arc containing weapons; condition applies to all gunner actions using weapons in that arc.
31–60PropulsionCondition applies to all pilot actions.
61–90Regenerative ArrayDuring the next round, the astral devourer’s regeneration ability doesn’t function.
91–100SingularityDuring the next round, each of the astral devourer’s attempted actions has a 25% chance of failure.

Monomolecular Nanite Infestation (Ex) An astral devourer is made up of trillions of microscopic robots that regenerate its body and feed on nearby technology. If an astral devourer deals Hull Point damage with one of its monomolecular nanite weapons, the target starship is infected with hull-eating nanites that deal 4d6 damage each round at the end of the engineering phase, ignoring DT. The nanites continue to destroy the hull even if shields are later restored to the affected quadrant. As a crew action, a starship’s engineer can vent plasma, superheat the hull, or perform a similar action to destroy the infestation with a successful DC 23 skill check.
Regeneration (Ex) An astral devourer automatically regains 9 Hit Points at the start of each engineering phase, up to its maximum number of Hull Points.


“Astral devourer” is the colorful name given to the starship-sized clouds of corrupted nanites that prowl the outskirts of systems, where they seek abandoned space stations and isolated vessels to consume the leftover technology within. These clouds often take on the appearance of star-shaped vessels that hold the fragment of a singularity or brilliant star, which functions as their power source and, effectively, as their power core. No one knows for certain where these originating nanites that comprise astral devourers came from; however, some historians have proposed outlandish theories that some long-dead technologically advanced civilization manufactured them. Others posit that astral devourers resulted from a time travel experiment to the distant the future gone awry. The exact reason remains a mystery.