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Template Grafts | Universal Monster Rules

Class Grafts

Envoy, Mechanic, Mystic, Operative, Solarian, Soldier, Technomancer

Creature Type Grafts

Aberration, Animal, Construct, Dragon, Fey, Humanoid, Magical Beast, Monstrous Humanoid, Ooze, Outsider, Plant, Undead, Vermin

Creature Subtype Grafts

Aeon, Agathion, Air, Android, Angel, Aquatic, Archon, Azata, Cold, Daemon, Damai, Demon, Devil, Dwarf, Earth, Elemental, Elf, Fire, Giant, Gnome, Goblinoid, Gray, Halfling, Human, Ikeshti, Incorporeal, Inevitable, Kasatha, Khizar, Lashunta, Maraquoi, Oni, Orc, Pahtra, Phentomite, Plantlike, Protean, Reptoid, Ryphorian, Sarcesian, Shapechanger, Shirren, Skittermander, Strix, Swarm, Velstrac, Verthani, Vesk, Vlaka, Water, Ysoki

Environmental Grafts

AIrborne, Aquatic, Arboreal, Arctic, Desert, Forest, Marsh, Mountain, Plains, Radioactive, Solar, Space, Subterranean, Thermic

Simple Grafts

Aerial, Aqueous, Astral, Celestial, Cthonic, Cybernetic, Entropic, Fiendish, Fiery, Giant, Miniature, Phrenic, Resolute, Synthetic, Two-Headed, Umbral

Summoning Grafts

Aeon, Agathion, Angel, Archon, Azata, Daemon, Demon, Devil, First World Beast, Inevitable, Protean, Robot, Shadow Creature

Other Grafts

Aasimar (Planar Scion), Air Elemental (Elemental), AIrborne (Environmental), Aquatic (Environmental), Arboreal (Environmental), Arctic (Environmental), Baykok, Black Dragon (Dragon (Chromatic)), Blue Dragon (Dragon (Chromatic)), Bone Trooper, Brass Dragon (Dragon (Metallic)), Bronze Dragon (Dragon (Metallic)), Carrion Dreg, Cloud Giant (Giant), Colour-Blighted (Colour out of Space), Copper Dragon (Dragon (Metallic)), Corpsefolk, Cybernetic Zombie (Undead Minion), Damoritosh's Arm (Symbiend), Desert (Environmental), Dream Peddler (Symbiend), Driftdead, Earth Elemental (Elemental), Emotivore, Fire Elemental (Elemental), Forest (Environmental), Gatecrasher, Ghast (Ghoul), Ghost, Ghoul (Ghoul), Gold Dragon (Dragon (Metallic)), Green Dragon (Dragon (Chromatic)), Jiang-Shi (Vampire), Kurobozu, Lacedon (Ghoul), Lunar Dragon (Dragon (Outer)), Marooned One, Marrowblight, Marsh (Environmental), Mohrg, Moon Giant (Giant), Mountain (Environmental), Necrovite, Nihili, Oblivion Shade, Occult Zombie (Undead Minion), Pale Stranger, Paragon (Symbiend), Plains (Environmental), Radioactive (Environmental), Rebuilt, Red Dragon (Dragon (Chromatic)), Silver Dragon (Dragon (Metallic)), Skeletal Undead (Undead Minion), Solar (Environmental), Solar Dragon (Dragon (Outer)), Space (Environmental), Stone Giant (Giant), Storm Giant (Giant), Subterranean (Environmental), Thermic (Environmental), Tiefling (Planar Scion), Time Dragon (Dragon (Outer)), Void Dragon (Dragon (Outer)), Void Zombie, Vortex Dragon (Dragon (Outer)), Water Elemental (Elemental), White Dragon (Dragon (Chromatic))