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Template Grafts | Universal Monster Rules

Acrochor8animalwarm hills or mountains (Nejeor V)
Aeon Guard3humanoid (human)any (Azlanti Star Empire)
Aeon Guard, Aeon Guard Specialist7humanoid (human)any (Azlanti Star Empire)
Aeon Stone Network7construct (magical, swarm, technological)any
Aeon, Tekhoinos10outsider (aeon, extraplanar)any (Outer Planes)
Aerial Devil2animalcold and temperate forests
AHAV12construct (technological)any
Akata, Void Zombie1undeadany
Anacite, Anacite Ambassador6construct (technological)any (Aballon)
Anacite, Anacite Laborer7construct (technological)any (Aballon)
Anacite, Anacite Predator Drone10construct (technological)any (Aballon)
Anacite, Anacite Wingbot1/2construct (technological)any (Aballon)
Anacite, Dustar1construct (technological)any (Aballon)
Anacite, Monitor3construct (technological)any (Aballon)
Anassanoi5humanoid (anassanoi)any (Kahlannal)
Angel, Barachius7outsider (angel, extraplanar, good)any good-aligned planes
Angel, Exodus17outsider (angel, good, extraplanar)any (Heaven)
Animated Armor, Animated Lashunta Mind Mail III16construct (magical, technological; armor)any
Animated Armor, Animated Lictor Hellknight Plate5construct (magical, technological; armor)any
Apari7vermintemperate or warm plains
Apari, Apari Constituent2vermintemperate or warm plains
Aqlath16monstrous humanoidany (Lathlath IV)
Archon, Power Archon5outsider (archon, extraplanar, good, lawful)any (Heaven)
Arquand Gazelle4animalany forests, hills, or plains (Arquand)
Ashypsozoan10aberrationany (Ashypso)
Assembly Ooze1ooze (technological)any urban
Asteray12feyany vacuum
Atrocite10outsider (chaotic, evil, native)any
Autofly Swarm3construct (swarm, technological)any (Aballon)
Azata, Avigwyr13outsider (azata, chaotic, extraplanar, good)any (Elysium)
Azata, Tritidair8outsider (azata, chaotic, extraplanar, good)any (Elysium)
Azer2outsider (extraplanar, fire)any (Plane of Fire)
Barathu5aberrationany sky (Bretheda)
Barathu, Barathu (Early Stage)2aberrationany sky (Bretheda)
Barghest4outsider (evil, extraplanar, lawful, shapechanger)any
Bear (Uplifted), Uplifted Bear Avenger4magical beastany
Bear (Uplifted), Uplifted Bear Constellate7magical beastany
Bloodbrother7magical beast (cold)any cold (Verces)
Bodysnatcher Slime, Bodysnatcher Autocrat10oozeany land
Bodysnatcher Slime3oozeany land
Bolida, Bolida Miner2verminany underground
Bolida, Bolida Overseer8verminany underground
Bone Trooper3undeadany (Eox)
Bone Trooper, Bone Trooper Captain8undeadany
Bone Trooper, Bone Trooper Technomancer3undeadany
Brenneri, Brenneri Ambassador6humanoid (brenneri)any (Varturan)
Brenneri, Brenneri Sage3humanoid (brenneri)any (Varturan)
Brood Sovereign20magical beast (aquatic, cold)any cold aquatic (Nisis)
Bryrvath15aberration (chaotic, evil)any (Aucturn)
Cargo Creep4aberrationany
Carnivorous Crystal11ooze (earth, extraplanar)any (Plane of Earth)
Carrion Dreg4undeadany
Caypin6magical beast (aquatic)any swamp
Cephalume2aberration (plantlike)any (Luminar)
Cerebric Fungus3plantany
Cerebric Fungus, Cerebric Fungus Voyager9plantany
Chomurk8magical beastvacuum
Colour out of Space10ooze (incorporeal)any
Contemplative2monstrous humanoidany urban (Akiton)
Contemplative, Contemplative Mentor18monstrous humanoidany urban (Akiton)
Corpsefolk, Corpsefolk Marine7undeadany (Eox)
Corpsefolk, Corpsefolk Operative3undeadany (Eox)
Crate Fiend3verminany urban or land (Taekah III)
Creeping Shade8outsider (incorporeal)any (Shadow Plane)
Crest-Eater4magical beastwarm deserts (Kasath)
Daemon, Adikodaemon18outsider (daemon, evil, extraplanar)any
Damai1/2humanoid (damai)any (Daimalko)
Damai, Damai Guardian12humanoid (damai)any (Daimalko)
Death Cruiser14undead (incorporeal)any
Defrex11animaltemperate forests and hills (Vesk-2)
Defrex, Defrex Juvenile7animaltemperate forests and hills (Vesk-2)
Demon, Flashfire12outsider (chaotic, demon, evil, extraplanar)any (Abyss)
Demon, Pluprex13outsider (chaotic, demon, evil, extraplanar)any (Abyss)
Demon, Prexian Mutantspawn11outsider (chaotic, evil, extraplanar)any (Abyss)
Dessamar, Dessamar Imago1humanoid (dessamar)any (Koshoria)
Dessamar, Dessamar Theurgist6humanoid (dessamar)any (Koshoria)
Devil, Endbringer Devil (Dhalochar)19outsider (devil, evil, extraplanar, lawful)any (Hell)
Devil, Hacker (Lislaroth)10outsider (devil, evil, extraplanar, lawful)any (Hell)
Devil, Imp2outsider (devil, evil, extraplanar, lawful)any (Hell)
Devil, Warmonger Devil (Levaloch)7outsider (devil, evil, extraplanar, lawful)any (Hell)
Diaspora Wyrm8magical beast (aquatic)cold aquatic (Diaspora)
Diaspora Wyrm, Diaspora Wyrm Saga17magical beast (aquatic)cold aquatic (Nisis)
Diatha1/2verminany land
Diatha, Diatha Elder5verminany land
Dimensional Shambler8outsider (chaotic, evil, extraplanar)any
Dinosaur, Ceratopsid8animalany
Dinosaur, Dromaeosaurid3animalany
Dinosaur, Plesiosaur7animalany water
Dinosaur, Pterosaur3animalany
Dinosaur, Sauropod10animalany
Dinosaur, Theropod9animalany
Dinosaur, Thyreophoran6animalany
Dirindi, Dirindi Dabulist13humanoid (dirindi)any (Arkanen, Osoro)
Dirindi, Dirindi Monster Hunter4humanoid (dirindi)any (Arkanen, Osoro)
Dormakhabu11aberration (gray)any
Draelik2humanoid (draelik)any (Great Shadar)
Dragon (Chromatic), Young Adult Blue Dragon11dragon (earth)any
Dragon (Metallic), Adult Silver Dragon14dragon (cold)any
Dragon (Outer), Old Void Dragon18dragonany vacuum
Dragon (Starmetal), Mature Adult Horacalcum Dragon15dragonany
Dragonkin9dragonany (Triaxus)
Drake, Radiation Drake9dragonany
Dreamer8aberrationany sky (Liavara)
Drift Leech magical beastthe Drift
Drift Mote1/2outsider (extraplanar)the Drift
Drift Native, Drift Architech10outsider (extraplanar)the Drift
Drift Native, Time Eater2outsider (extraplanar)the Drift
Driftdead2undead (extraplanar)any (the Drift)
Driftdead2undead (extraplanar)any (the Drift)
Driftdead, Driftdead Amalgam13undead (extraplanar)any (the Drift)
Driftlure14outsider (extraplanar)any (the Drift)
Dromada1/2magical beastany
Dromada, Dromada Vigilant5magical beastany
Drow, Drow Enforcer1humanoid (elf)any (Apostae)
Drow, Drow Noble Arms Dealer11humanoid (elf)any (Apostae)
Dust Manta6magical beastwarm deserts
Dust Manta, Dust Manta Monarch12magical beastwarm deserts
Dycepskian, Reptoid Host6humanoid (dycepskian, reptoid, shapechanger)any
Elebrian1/3humanoid (elebrian)any (Eox)
Electrovore2magical beastany
Elemental, Elder Elemental11outsider (elemental, extraplanar)any
Elemental, Greater Elemental9outsider (elemental, extraplanar)any
Elemental, Huge Elemental7outsider (elemental, extraplanar)any
Elemental, Large Elemental5outsider (elemental, extraplanar)any
Elemental, Medium Elemental3outsider (elemental, extraplanar)any
Elemental, Small Elemental1outsider (elemental, extraplanar)any
Elemental, Tiny Elemental1/3outsider (elemental, extraplanar)any
Ellicoth9magical beastany plains or deserts (Eox)
Elmeshra7animal (aquatic)temperate aquatic and marsh (Triaxus)
Embri3aberrationany (Embroi)
Embri, Embri Speaker10aberrationany (Embroi)
Emotivore9undead (shapechanger)any
Emotivore, Emotivore Mastermind17undead (shapechanger)any
Endiffian3humanoid (endiffian, shapechanger)any
Entropy Slug4magical beastunderground or urban (Great Shadar)
Eohi6animalany forests (Nejeor IV)
Equinoxian, Equinoxian Apastra15outsider (native)any
Equinoxian, Equinoxian Periastra9outsider (native)any
Espraksa1/2humanoid (espraksa)any (Neeroon)
Espraksa, Espraksa Performer4humanoid (espraksa)any (Neeroon)
Exhaust Ooze18ooze (air)any urban
Feeder Fungus4plantany temperate and warm land
Ferran5humanoidany high-gravity (Ratheren)
Ferrofluid Ooze, Ferrofluid Magneto-Cluster12oozeurban
Ferrofluid Ooze2oozeany
Fire Whale16magical beast (extraplanar)any
Flayer Leech4verminany land
Flayer Leech, Flayer Leech Effigy15monstrous humanoidany land
Flying Viper Eel10animal (swarm)any air (Bretheda)
Formian, Formian Myrmarch10monstrous humanoidany land or underground (Castrovel)
Formian, Formian Queen17monstrous humanoidany land or underground (Castrovel)
Formian, Formian Taskmaster7monstrous humanoidany land or underground (Castrovel)
Formian, Formian Warrior3monstrous humanoidany land or underground (Castrovel)
Formian, Formian Worker1/2monstrous humanoidany land or underground (Castrovel)
Frujai, Frujai Colony19plantany forests (Orikolai)
Frujai, Frujai Soldier12plantany forests (Orikolai)
Fulmivar11outsider (elemental, extraplanar)any
Garaggakal5outsider (extraplanar)any (the Drift)
Garaggakal, Garaggakal Polymath14outsider (extraplanar)any (the Drift)
Genesis Wraith17undead (incorporeal)any vacuum
Genie, Djinni5outsider (air, extraplanar)any (Plane of Air)
Genie, Efreeti8outsider (extraplanar, fire)any (Plane of Fire)
Genie, Janni4outsider (native)any
Genie, Marid9outsider (aquatic, extraplanar, water)any (Plane of Water)
Genie, Shaitan7outsider (earth, extraplanar)any (Plane of Earth)
Ghibrani3humanoid (ghibrani)any (Elytrio)
Ghoran, Ghoran Flora-Shaper6plantany
Ghoran, Ghoran World-Tamer1plantany
Ghost7undead (incorporeal)any
Ghoul, Ghoul Shock Trooper11undeadany
Ghul5undead (shapechanger)any
Giant, Eclipse19humanoid (giant)any
Giant, Moon Giant15humanoid (giant)any lunar
Giant, Shadow13humanoid (extraplanar, giant)any (Shadow Plane)
Glacial Borer6animalany cold (Verces)
Glass Serpent5magical beastany (Eox)
Gloomwing4outsider (extraplanar)any land or sky (Shadow Plane)
Goblin (Space), Space Goblin Honchohead2humanoid (goblinoid)any
Goblin (Space), Space Goblin Zaperator1/3humanoid (goblinoid)any
Golem, Abysium Golem12construct (magical, technological)any
Golem, Cybernetic Golem8construct (magical, technological)any
Golem, Nanotech Golem14construct (magical, technological)any
Golem, Neutronium Golem6construct (magical, technological)any
Gray4humanoid (gray)any
Gray Bounder4aberration (gray)any
Gray Shell13humanoid (gray)any
Gremlin, Computer Glitch Gremlin1/2feyany
Gremlin, Hobkins Gremlin1/2feyany
Gremlin, Hobkins Gremlin Malefactor4feyany
Gremlin, Ship Glitch Gremlin1feyany or vacuum
Guardian Rhino14monstrous humanoid (shapechanger)any ( Jatembe Park)
Haan3monstrous humanoidany sky (Bretheda)
Haan, Haan Combat Pilot7monstrous humanoidany sky (Bretheda)
Haeshi-Shaa, Haeshi-Shaa (Haeshi Form)12aberrationany
Haeshi-Shaa, Haeshi-Shaa (Shaa Form)16aberrationany
Hag, Void Hag10monstrous humanoidany vacuum
Hanakan, Hanakan Attendant1magical beastany (Ash’Akan)
Hanakan, Soulstone Hunter8magical beastany (Ash’Akan)
Hashukayak5animaltemperate plains or hills (Orikolai)
Herd Animal, Colossal Herd Animal8animalany
Herd Animal, Gargantuan Herd Animal6animalany
Herd Animal, Huge Herd Animal4animalany
Herd Animal, Large Herd Animal2animalany
Herd Animal, Medium Herd Animal1/2animalany
Herd Animal, Small Herd Animal1/3animalany
Hesper2feyany starship or urban
Hobbe Hound2animalany
Hobgar1/3magical beastany forests (Nakondis)
Hobgoblin, Hobgoblin Lieutenant7humanoid (goblinoid)any
Hobgoblin, Hobgoblin Trooper1humanoid (goblinoid)any
Hortus, Hortinarch11plantany (Croban V)
Hortus2plantany (Croban V)
Hound of Tindalos7outsider (evil, extraplanar)any
Hound of Tindalos, Thing from Beyond Time17outsider (evil, extraplanar)any
Hungerer From The Dark13aberrationvacuum
Ihonva4monstrous humanoidwarm desert (Verces)
Ijtikri1/2aberrationany (Vesk-2)
Ijtikri, Ijtikri Commando4aberrationany (Vesk-2)
Ikeshti, Ikeshti Brood-Minder2humanoid (ikeshti)any deserts, hills, or mountains (Akiton)
Ikeshti, Ikeshti Rivener5humanoid (ikeshti)any deserts, hills, or mountains (Akiton)
Ilthisarian4monstrous humanoid (ilthisarian)any swamp (Arshalin)
Impostor8outsider (extraplanar)any (Astral Plane)
Inevitable, Anhamut10outsider (inevitable, lawful)any
Irokiroi5animalany sky (Osoro)
Irokiroi, Oshirokiroi12animalany sky (Osoro)
Izalguun, Izalguun Healer8monstrous humanoidany (Izalraan)
Izalguun, Izalguun Hunter4monstrous humanoidany (Izalraan)
Jakkerant5magical beast (aquatic)any land or water (Utraneus)
Jinsul, Jinsul Base Commander5monstrous humanoidany
Jinsul, Jinsul Warrior1monstrous humanoidany
Jubsnuth9animalany temperate (former kishalee worlds)
Kaion2animalmountains, urban, or vacuum (Diaspora)
Kalo, Kalo Deepspeaker5monstrous humanoid (aquatic)any aquatic (Kalo-Mahoi)
Kalo, Kalo Sharkhunter2monstrous humanoid (aquatic)any aquatic (Kalo-Mahoi)
Kami, Chinjugami16outsider (kami, native)any
Kami, Toshigami13outsider (kami, native)any land
Kami, Tsukumogami4outsider (kami, native)any
Kaukariki1magical beastwarm forests (Castrovel)
Kayal7outsider (native)any (Shadow Plane)
Keji Swarm10animal (swarm)any air (Liavara)
Khefak1/3verminany (Akiton)
Khefak, Thasteron Khefak3verminany (Akiton)
Kish4humanoid (kish)any (Nejeor VI)
Kothama10magical beast (cold)any (Vesk-7 or Vesk-8)
Kothama, Kothama Ascendant14magical beast (cold)any (Vesk-7 or Vesk-8)
Kriegakos8animalany air (Liavara)
Ksarik4planttemperate or warm forests (Castrovel)
Kunnid5magical beastany
Kyokor20magical beast (colossus)any (Daimalko)
Lawless One12outsider (extraplanar, chaotic, incorporeal)any
Limina16feyany First World or Material Plane
Linyf3plantany temperate
Living Apocalypse20oozeany
Living Hologram8construct (incorporeal, technological)any
Lore Guardian2construct (magical)any
Lucandrian, Albedo Lucandrian3feyany lunar
Lucandrian, Perigean Lucandrian9feyany lunar
Lurker in Light, Lightweaver14fey (extraplanar)urban (extraplanar)
Lurker in Light5fey (extraplanar)urban (extraplanar)
Magma Ooze7ooze (fire)any underground
Magmin3outsider (elemental, extraplanar, fire)any land (Plane of Fire)
Mahadatari19humanoid (kasatha)any
Maraquoi, Maraquoi Hunter1/2humanoid (maraquoi)any (Marata)
Maraquoi, Maraquoi Shaman8humanoid (maraquoi)any (Marata)
Marooned One8undeadany
Marrowblight7undeadany ruins (Eox)
Megalonyxa4monstrous humanoidany
Mementor13fey (extraplanar)any (Shadow Plane)
Memetic Zenith15outsider (good, technological)any urban
Memory Muck9oozeany
Mephit3outsider (extraplanar)any (Elemental Planes)
Meteorite Drake16magical beast (earth)any high elevation
Mi-Go, Mi-Go High Priest11plantany
Mindscape Mindreaper8monstrous humanoidany mindscape
Moonflower8plantany land
Moonflower, Moonflower Titan16plantany land
Morlamaw3monstrous humanoid (aquatic)any water (Arniselle)
Morlamaw, Morlamaw Mayor9monstrous humanoid (aquatic)any water (Arniselle)
Mountain Eel6animaltemperate or warm mountains (Castrovel)
Mucilaginous Cloud5oozeany sky
Muneen11magical beastany (Chonax)
Muotta2animalany sky (Utraneus)
Nanobot Mimic3construct (swarm, technological)any
Necrovite13undeadany (Eox)
Needlehawk3animalwarm and temperate forests
Neotophet10construct (magical, technological)any
Niaq6magical beastany cold (Verces)
Night Hag9outsider (evil, extraplanar)any evil-aligned plane
Nihili5undeadany vacuum
Nihili, Nihili Captain13undeadany vacuum
Nuar, Nuar Enforcer4monstrous humanoidany (Absalom Station)
Nuar, Nuar Specialist8monstrous humanoidany (Absalom Station)
Nullsoul Host13construct (android, magical, technological)any
Nyssholora, Adult Nyssholora11magical beasttemperate or warm plains (Castrovel)
Nyssholora, Juvenile Nyssholora4magical beasttemperate or warm plains (Castrovel)
Obfuchsia12plantany vacuum
Oblivion Shade8undead (incorporeal)any
Odheo1verminany underground or urban
Oma16magical beastany vacuum or gas giant
Oni, Ja Noi5outsider (goblinoid, native, oni, shapechanger)any
Oni, Kanabo Commando3outsider (goblinoid, native)any
Oni, Oni, Spirit2outsider (native, oni)any
Onkushi13outsider (extraplanar, fire, good)any (Plane of Fire)
Oracle of Oras13plantany
Orc, Orc Technician1/2humanoid (orc)any (Apostae)
Orc, Orc Trooper5humanoid (orc)any (Apostae)
Orocoran6aberrationany (Aucturn)
Orocoran, Orocoran Ichor Lord9aberrationany (Aucturn)
Osharu1/2monstrous humanoidany
Osharu, Osharu Headteacher8monstrous humanoidany
Pahtra, Pahtra Inquisitive2humanoid (pahtra)any (Vesk-6)
Pahtra, Pahtra Stalker6humanoid (pahtra)any (Vesk-6)
Pale Stranger11undeadany
Paraforan12outsider (extraplanar)vacuum (the Drift)
Paraforan, Paraforan Fragment6outsider (extraplanar)vacuum (the Drift)
Paralith4aberrationany forests or jungles
Phentomite1/2humanoid (phentomite)any (Orry)
Phentomite, Phentomite Bridger6humanoid (phentomite)any (Orry)
Philosopher Worm7monstrous humanoidany (Nchak)
Philosopher Worm, Philosopher Worm Teleologarch16monstrous humanoidany (Nchak)
Plague Ooze7oozeany (Aucturn)
Planar Scion, Ifrit1/2outsider (native)any
Planar Scion, Aasimar1outsider (native)any
Planar Scion, Oread1outsider (native)any
Planar Scion, Suli1outsider (native)any
Planar Scion, Sylph2outsider (native)any
Planar Scion, Tiefling2outsider (native)any
Planar Scion, Undine1outsider (native)any
Plasma Ooze16oozeany solar or vacuum
Predator, Colossal Predator13animalany
Predator, Gargantuan Predator10animalany
Predator, Huge Predator7animalany
Predator, Large Predator4animalany
Predator, Medium Predator1animalany
Predator, Predator Swarm2animal (swarm)any
Predator, Small Predator1/3animalany
Protean, Rifti1outsider (chaotic, extraplanar, protean, shapechanger)any (Maelstrom)
Protean, Xiritix11outsider (chaotic, extraplanar, protean, shapechanger)any (Drift or Maelstrom)
Protocite Reclaimer3construct (technological)any (Noma)
Protocite Speaker2construct (technological)any urban (Noma)
Psychic Abomination11aberration (incorporeal)any
Pyric Harbinger8aberrationany
Pyric Heliacus10undeadany
Pyric Revenant4undeadany
Pyric Wraith6undead (incorporeal)any
Quantum Clone13aberrationany
Quantum Slime15oozeany
Quorlu2monstrous humanoidany
Quorlu, Quorlu Sapper9monstrous humanoidany
Rauzhant6dragonany air (Liavara)
Ravai6fey (fire)any solar
Raxilite, Raxilite Bioengineer4plantany (Raxil)
Raxilite, Raxilite Researcher1/2plantany (Raxil)
Rebuilt7aberrationany ruins (Nejeor VI)
Reklan7magical beastany (Diaspora)
Rendalairn25construct (magical)any
Renkroda, Whiskered Renkroda5animaltemperate or warm forests (Castrovel)
Replicant Ooze7ooze (shapechanger)any
Reptoid Hybrid8humanoid (kasatha, reptoid)any
Reptoid1humanoid (reptoid, shapechanger)any
Reptoid, Reptoid Master6humanoid (reptoid, shapechanger)any
Rheonnaghan15outsider (native)vacuum
Robot (Security), Observer-Class Security Robot1construct (technological)any urban
Robot (Security), Patrol-Class Security Robot4construct (technological)any urban
Robot, Assassin Robot9construct (technological)any
Robot, Azlanti Adjutant3construct (magical)any (Azlanti Star Empire)
Robot, Azlanti Battle Robot6construct (technological)any urban (Azlanti Star Empire)
Robot, Guardian Robot5construct (technological)any
Robot, Incapacitator3construct (technological)any
Robot, Keeper Robot18construct (technological)any land
Robot, Mining9construct (technological)any underground
Robot, Siege Robot15construct (technological)any
Robot, Terminator-Class Security10construct (technological)any urban
Rogue Drone, Rogue Combat Drone14construct (technological)any
Rogue Drone, Rogue Hover Drone6construct (technological)any
Ryphorian, Ryphorian Skyfire Pilot5humanoid (ryphorian)any (Triaxus)
Ryphorian, Ryphorian Technician1humanoid (ryphorian)any (Triaxus)
Salamander6outsider (extraplanar, fire)any warm (Plane of Fire)
Sarcesian, Sarcesian Cybercommando8humanoid (sarcesian)any low-gravity (Diaspora)
Sarcesian, Sarcesian Sniper5humanoid (sarcesian)any low-gravity (Diaspora)
Sazaron, Sazaron Sage12monstrous humanoidany (Arkanen)
Sazaron, Sazaron Scholar5monstrous humanoidany (Arkanen)
Scavenger Slime9oozeany
Scouring Swarm2aberration (swarm)any
Scrap-bot1/2construct (technological)any urban
Scyphozoan3aberrationtemperate aquatic or urban (Primoria)
Seed Walker14planttemperate and warm hills, forests, and plains
Selamid6ooze (selamid)any (Silselrik)
Sentinel Tree7plantany urban
Seprevoi3monstrous humanoid (seprevoi)any (Sepres VI)
Shadow Hopper8magical beast (shapechanger)any
Shadow Mastiff5outsider (evil, extraplanar)any (Shadow Plane)
Shakalta, Shakalta Star-Guardian7humanoid (shakalta)any (Accara IV)
Shantak8magical beastcold mountains or vacuum
Sharpwing8animalany cold (Aballon)
Shatori, Shatori Analyst4humanoid (shatori)any (Perdure)
Shatori, Shatori Theorist10humanoid (shatori)any (Perdure)
Shimreen5humanoid (shimreen)any (Shimrinsara)
Shimreen, Shimreen Warrior5humanoid (shimreen)any (Shimrinsara)
Shimreen, Shimreen Worker1humanoid (shimreen)any (Shimrinsara)
Shipmind13oozeany (Dominion of the Black starships)
Shobhad4monstrous humanoidcold deserts or mountains (Akiton)
Shobhad, Shobhad Warleader7monstrous humanoidcold deserts or mountains (Akiton)
Shodrav11outsider (evil, extraplanar)any (Shadow Plane)
Shotalashu, Feral Shotalashu6magical beastwarm forests (Castrovel)
Shotalashu2magical beastwarm forests (Castrovel)
Sivv Sage-Coffer17construct (magical, sivv, technological)any (Davvirex or Ark Prime)
Sivv Warmaster17aberration (sivv)any (Davvirex or Ark Prime)
Skittermander2humanoid (skittermander)any (Vesk-3)
Skittermander, Skittermander Whelp1/3humanoid (skittermander)any (Vesk-3)
Skreeling3aberrationany hills or mountains
Skreesire7aberrationany hills or mountains
Skreesire, Skreeling3aberrationany hills or mountains
Skreesire7aberrationany hills or mountains
Sky Fisher5aberrationany sky (Castrovel)
Solar Wisp, Juvenile Solar Wisp5outsider (air, elemental, fire, native)temperate or warm land or vacuum
Solar Wisp, Mature Solar Wisp19outsider (air, elemental, fire, native)temperate or warm land or vacuum
Songtwisted5humanoid (shirren)Vharrine
Spathinae, Spathinae Explorer11monstrous humanoidany
Spathinae, Spathinae Guard1monstrous humanoidany
Spectra, Aspecna18outsider (extraplanar, spectra)any (the Drift)
Spectra, Iridia8outsider (extraplanar, spectra)any (the Drift)
Spectra, Nacrea16outsider (extraplanar, spectra)any (the Drift)
Spookfish Swarm16undead (incorporeal, swarm)warm land (Akiton)
Squox, Trained Squox1animalany
Alinoisos13starship outsiderany vacuum
Blinking Telelith10starship magical beastany vacuum or the Drift
Cerebrex18starship oozeany vacuum
Derelict Shade4starship undeadany vacuum
Fire Whale Starship1/4starship magical beast (extraplanar)any
Giant Space Tardigrade4starship magical beastany vacuum
Gwahled15starship feyany vacuum
Novaspawn8starship aberrationany vacuum
Photonic Anomaly5starship ooze (fire)any solar
Stellar Protozoa7starship verminany vacuum
Swarm Altipheron3starship monstrous humanoidany vacuum
Swarm Dreadlancer11starship monstrous humanoidany vacuum
Swarm Fleetfury1/3starship monstrous humanoidany vacuum
Swarm Gnawbore8starship monstrous humanoidany vacuum
Swarming Telelith2starship magical beastany vacuum or the Drift
Vermelith9starship magical beastany vacuum
Zoaphorix10starship aberrationany vacuum
Statikete15magical beastany
Stelezorn7fey (shapechanger)any urban
Stridermander3monstrous humanoid (skittermander)any (Vesk-3)
Stridermander, Stridermander Tyrant10monstrous humanoid (skittermander)any (Vesk-3)
Stroxha8magical beasttemperate or warm forests (Marata)
Surnoch9animalany underground or vacuum (Diaspora)
Svartalfar9fey (extraplanar)any (Shadow Plane)
Symbiend, Damoritosh's Arm Host6humanoid (human)any
Synapse Worm2verminany warm or temperate
Tapestry Moth16magical beastany
Tashtari3magical beastany forests or marshes (Castrovel)
Tashtari, Tashtari Alpha7magical beastany forests or marshes (Castrovel)
Tekenki17construct (magical, technological)any (Daimalko)
Telia2monstrous humanoidany (Pygos)
Telia, Telia Raconteur7monstrous humanoidany (Pygos)
Tenebrous Worm8outsider (extraplanar)any land (Shadow Plane)
The Swarm, Antecursor3monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Ceretoram9monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Convecyte2monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Dissolver11monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Dramovire8monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Dredger1/2monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Effigene5monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Escutchide5monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Molitera6monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Nauphage2monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Pyschovox12monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Revulsor4monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Swarm Corrovox3monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Swarm Mindreaper7monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Swarm Thresher Lord10monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Vorphoma1monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Xersk16monstrous humanoidany
Thermatrod3magical beast (fire)any warm mountains
Thermophilic Ooze3ooze (fire)any warm
Thoqqua2outsider (earth, elemental, extraplanar, fire)any land (Plane of Fire or Plane of Earth)
Thorgothrel8oozeany (Gothra)
Threshwolf5animalwarm and temperate forests and mountains
Time Dimensional14outsider (extraplanar)any (Dimension of Time)
Trinir4humanoid (trinir)any (Ashypso)
Tripod13construct (technological)any
Troll Polyp3aberration (giant)any
Troll5humanoid (giant)any
Troll, Troll, Quantum6humanoid (giant)any
Troll, Void Troll14humanoid (giant)any
Troop, Swarm Dredger5monstrous humanoid (troop)any
Trox2monstrous humanoidany (Nchak)
Trox, Trox Defensor9monstrous humanoidany (Nchak)
Tumbletooth Swarm5fey (swarm)any
Twinsoul8aberrationany vacuum (Material and Ethereal Planes)
Umbracygot12aberrationany (terrestrial vacuum)
Undead Minion, Cybernetic Zombie3undeadany
Undead Minion, Occult Zombie1undeadany
Undead Minion, Skeletal Undead1/2undeadany
Urog3magical beastwarm hills and mountains (Dykon)
Valkyrie12outsider (extraplanar)any
Valnarum8magical beastany
Vampire, Jiang-Shi6undeadany
Varculak, Varculak Marauder2undeadany
Varculak, Varculak Noble12undeadany
Velstrac, Anchorite4outsider (evil, extraplanar, velstrac, lawful)any (Shadow Plane)
Velstrac, Cantor9outsider (evil, extraplanar, lawful, velstrac)any (Shadow Plane)
Velstrac, Heretic8outsider (evil, extraplanar, lawful, velstrac)any (Shadow Plane)
Velstrac, Sexton11outsider (evil, extraplanar, lawful, velstrac)any (Plane of Shadow)
Veolisk6magical beastany
Vermin (Space), Asteroid Louse1/2verminany vacuum
Vermin (Space), Comet Wasp Swarm12vermin (swarm)any vacuum
Vermin (Space), Necropede3verminany (Eox)
Vermin (Space), Planetoid Beetle9verminany vacuum
Vermin (Space), Warpmoth Swarm6vermin (swarm)any vacuum
Verthani, Verthani Aether Pilot2humanoid (verthani)any (Verces)
Verthani, Verthani Pure One9humanoid (verthani)any (Verces)
Vesper Hound10outsider (extraplanar)any (Shadow Plane)
Virtual Phantom12construct (incorporeal, magical)any urban
Vlaka, Vlaka Handler6humanoid (vlaka)any (Lajok)
Vlaka, Vlaka Tracker2humanoid (vlaka)any (Lajok)
Void Ooze7oozeany (Shadow Plane)
Void Palm7plantany land
Vracinea4planttemperate and warm forests (Castrovel)
Weaponized Toy, Weaponized Devil-in-a-box3construct (technological)any
Weaponized Toy, Weaponized Gamedroid6construct (magical, technological)any
Wetzelt4aberration (reptoid)any
Witchwyrd6monstrous humanoidany
Woioko4humanoid (woioko)any oceans (Heicoron IV)
Wolliped, Alural War Wolliped9animalcold hills, mountains, or plains (Triaxus)
Wolliped3animalcold hills, mountains, or plains (Triaxus)
Wrikreechee3monstrous humanoid (aquatic)any aquatic or urban (Akchios)
Writher Swarm9plant (swarm)any temperate or warm lands
Wysp2outsider (elemental, extraplanar)any (Elemental Planes)
Wysp, Wysp Conductor8outsider (elemental, extraplanar)any (Elemental Planes)
Xaarb5magical beastany (Arybus system)
Xanthos14magical beastany
Xararian18humanoid (xararian)any
Xaxmellia17magical beast (colossus)any (Daimalko)
Yaruk8animaltemperate plains and forests (Castrovel)
Yithian, Yithian Elder13aberrationany
Yotuhn11monstrous humanoid (giant)any (Chonax)