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Template Grafts | Universal Monster Rules

Talrepi Recombinator3construct (extraplanar, technological)any (the Drift)
Talrepi Warden5construct (extraplanar, technological)any (the Drift)
Tangler3aberrationany (underground)
Tapestry Moth16magical beastany
Tashtari3magical beastany forests or marshes (Castrovel)
Tashtari, Tashtari Alpha7magical beastany forests or marshes (Castrovel)
Tattoo Guardian11construct (magical)any
Tekenki17construct (magical, technological)any (Daimalko)
Telia2monstrous humanoidany (Pygos)
Telia, Telia Raconteur7monstrous humanoidany (Pygos)
Tenebrous Worm8outsider (extraplanar)any land (Shadow Plane)
Tetrakam9outsider (extraplanar)any (the Drift)
Thastertoad1magical beastany (Akiton)
The Seen12aberrationany
The Swarm, Antecursor3monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Bolaji10monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Ceretoram9monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Convecyte2monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Dissolver11monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Dramovire8monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Dredger1/2monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Effigene5monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Escutchide5monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Klendat11monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Molitera6monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Nauphage2monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Pyschovox12monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Rematern7monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Revulsor4monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Swarm Corrovox3monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Swarm Dredger (Troop)5monstrous humanoid (troop)any
The Swarm, Swarm Mindreaper7monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Swarm Thresher Lord10monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Teracta3monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Vorphoma1monstrous humanoidany
The Swarm, Xersk16monstrous humanoidany
Thermatrod3magical beast (fire)any warm mountains
Thermatrod, Caldera10magical beast (fire)any warm mountains
Thermatrod3magical beast (fire)any warm mountains
Thermophilic Ooze3ooze (fire)any warm
Thieves, Mugger6monstrous humanoid
Thieves, Phantom Thief15humanoid (pahtra)
Thieves, Pickpocket1humanoid (kobold)
Thieves, Safecracker10plant
Thoqqua2outsider (earth, elemental, extraplanar, fire)any land (Plane of Fire or Plane of Earth)
Thorgothrel8oozeany (Gothra)
Threshwolf5animalwarm and temperate forests and mountains
Time Dimensional14outsider (extraplanar)any (Dimension of Time)
Trinir4humanoid (trinir)any (Ashypso)
Tripod13construct (technological)any
Troll Polyp3aberration (giant)any
Troll5humanoid (giant)any
Troll, Troll, Quantum6humanoid (giant)any
Troll, Void Troll14humanoid (giant)any
Tromlin, Bloodseeker Trooper1humanoid (tromlin)any
Tromlin, Hardshell Defender1humanoid (tromlin)any
Trox2monstrous humanoidany (Nchak)
Trox, Trox Defensor9monstrous humanoidany (Nchak)
Tryziarka, Explorer3humanoid (tryziarka)any
Tryziarka, Legacy-captain12humanoid (tryziarka)any
Tumbletooth Swarm5fey (swarm)any
Twinsoul8aberrationany vacuum (Material and Ethereal Planes)
Tyrants, Colveare Hierarch14monstrous humanoid
Tyrants, Fortunate Warlord11humanoid (worlanisi)
Tyrants, Singularity Accelerationist7construct (technological)
Tyrants, Underworld Mastermind19aberration (shapechanger)