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Template Grafts | Universal Monster Rules

Magazine Ooze10oozeany
Magma Ooze7ooze (fire)any underground
Magmin3outsider (elemental, extraplanar, fire)any land (Plane of Fire)
Mahadatari19humanoid (kasatha)any
Many-miened One19construct (magical)any land
Maraquoi, Maraquoi Hunter1/2humanoid (maraquoi)any (Marata)
Maraquoi, Maraquoi Shaman8humanoid (maraquoi)any (Marata)
Marooned One8undeadany
Marrowblight7undeadany ruins (Eox)
Marwaul1animalcold desert (Weydana-3)
Marwaul, Marwaul Swarm1animal (swarm)cold desert (Weydana-3)
Medical Staff, Emt3monstrous humanoid
Medical Staff, Physician6humanoid (maraquoi)
Medical Staff, Psychic Healer9magical beast
Medical Staff, Special Forces Medic13monstrous humanoid
Megalonyxa4monstrous humanoidany
Mementor13fey (extraplanar)any (Shadow Plane)
Memetic Zenith15outsider (good, technological)any urban
Memory Muck9oozeany
Mephit3outsider (extraplanar)any (Elemental Planes)
Mercenaries, Mercenary Commando10humanoid (lashunta)
Mercenaries, Mercenary Rookie6humanoid (vesk)
Mercenaries, Mercenary Technomancer8humanoid (ysoki)
Meteorite Drake16magical beast (earth)any high elevation
Mewclock3construct (magical, technological) any urban
Miasma Fly, Cryllapede5verminany
Miasma Fly2virminany
Midships Mimic8aberration (shapechanger)any (starship)
Mi-Go, Mi-Go High Priest11plantany
Mindscape Mindreaper8monstrous humanoidany mindscape
Mindshroud Ray2aberrationany (Locus system)
Mnemonic Stalker13outsider (incorporeal)Astral Plane
Mole-Beetle verminany underground (Weydana-4)
Moonflower8plantany land
Moonflower, Moonflower Titan16plantany land
Mordagast, Butcher13animalany forest, hills, or vacuum
Mordagast7animalany forest or hills
Morlamaw3monstrous humanoid (aquatic)any water (Arniselle)
Morlamaw, Morlamaw Mayor9monstrous humanoid (aquatic)any water (Arniselle)
Mosaic Soul8undead (incorporeal)any
Mountain Eel6animaltemperate or warm mountains (Castrovel)
Moyishuu7feyany (Veyvilla-6)
Mucilaginous Cloud5oozeany sky
Muneen11magical beastany (Chonax)
Muotta2animalany sky (Utraneus)
Murzzilat, Bantling1animal (aquatic)any underground or water
Murzzilat4animal (aquatic)any underground or water