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Template Grafts | Universal Monster Rules

Salamander6outsider (extraplanar, fire)any warm (Plane of Fire)
Sarcesian, Sarcesian Cybercommando8humanoid (sarcesian)any low-gravity (Diaspora)
Sarcesian, Sarcesian Sniper5humanoid (sarcesian)any low-gravity (Diaspora)
Sazaron, Sazaron Sage12monstrous humanoidany (Arkanen)
Sazaron, Sazaron Scholar5monstrous humanoidany (Arkanen)
Scavenger Slime9oozeany
Scouring Swarm2aberration (swarm)any
Scrap-bot1/2construct (technological)any urban
Scyphozoan3aberrationtemperate aquatic or urban (Primoria)
Seed Walker14planttemperate and warm hills, forests, and plains
Selamid6ooze (selamid)any (Silselrik)
Sentinel Tree7plantany urban
Seprevoi3monstrous humanoid (seprevoi)any (Sepres VI)
Shadow Hopper8magical beast (shapechanger)any
Shadow Mastiff5outsider (evil, extraplanar)any (Shadow Plane)
Shakalta, Shakalta Star-Guardian7humanoid (shakalta)any (Accara IV)
Shantak8magical beastcold mountains or vacuum
Sharpwing8animalany cold (Aballon)
Shatori, Shatori Analyst4humanoid (shatori)any (Perdure)
Shatori, Shatori Theorist10humanoid (shatori)any (Perdure)
Shimreen5humanoid (shimreen)any (Shimrinsara)
Shimreen, Shimreen Warrior5humanoid (shimreen)any (Shimrinsara)
Shimreen, Shimreen Worker1humanoid (shimreen)any (Shimrinsara)
Shipmind13oozeany (Dominion of the Black starships)
Shobhad4monstrous humanoidcold deserts or mountains (Akiton)
Shobhad, Shobhad Warleader7monstrous humanoidcold deserts or mountains (Akiton)
Shodrav11outsider (evil, extraplanar)any (Shadow Plane)
Shotalashu, Feral Shotalashu6magical beastwarm forests (Castrovel)
Shotalashu2magical beastwarm forests (Castrovel)
Sivv Sage-Coffer17construct (magical, sivv, technological)any (Davvirex or Ark Prime)
Sivv Warmaster17aberration (sivv)any (Davvirex or Ark Prime)
Skittermander2humanoid (skittermander)any (Vesk-3)
Skittermander, Skittermander Whelp1/3humanoid (skittermander)any (Vesk-3)
Skreeling3aberrationany hills or mountains
Skreesire7aberrationany hills or mountains
Skreesire, Skreeling3aberrationany hills or mountains
Skreesire7aberrationany hills or mountains
Sky Fisher5aberrationany sky (Castrovel)
Solar Wisp, Juvenile Solar Wisp5outsider (air, elemental, fire, native)temperate or warm land or vacuum
Solar Wisp, Mature Solar Wisp19outsider (air, elemental, fire, native)temperate or warm land or vacuum
Songtwisted5humanoid (shirren)Vharrine
Spathinae, Spathinae Explorer11monstrous humanoidany
Spathinae, Spathinae Guard1monstrous humanoidany
Spectra, Aspecna18outsider (extraplanar, spectra)any (the Drift)
Spectra, Iridia8outsider (extraplanar, spectra)any (the Drift)
Spectra, Nacrea16outsider (extraplanar, spectra)any (the Drift)
Spookfish Swarm16undead (incorporeal, swarm)warm land (Akiton)
Squox, Trained Squox1animalany
Statikete15magical beastany
Stelezorn7fey (shapechanger)any urban
Stridermander3monstrous humanoid (skittermander)any (Vesk-3)
Stridermander, Stridermander Tyrant10monstrous humanoid (skittermander)any (Vesk-3)
Stroxha8magical beasttemperate or warm forests (Marata)
Surnoch9animalany underground or vacuum (Diaspora)
Svartalfar9fey (extraplanar)any (Shadow Plane)
Symbiend, Damoritosh's Arm Host6humanoid (human)any
Synapse Worm2verminany warm or temperate