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Template Grafts | Universal Monster Rules

Alinoisos13starship outsiderany vacuum
Astral Devourer9starship constructany vacuum or the Drift
Astral Leviathan4starship outsiderany (Astral Plane)
Blinking Telelith10starship magical beastany vacuum or the Drift
Calaphidion1starship animalany vacuum
Celestaur Bull15starship magical beastany vacuum
Cerebrex18starship oozeany vacuum
Derelict Shade4starship undeadany vacuum
Fetelam13starship magical beastany vacuum
Fire Whale Starship1/4starship magical beast (extraplanar)any
Giant Space Tardigrade4starship magical beastany vacuum
Gigantic Elemental4starship outsider (elemental, extraplanar)any sky or vacuum (Elemental Plane)
Gwahled15starship feyany vacuum
Immense Elemental1/2starship outsider (elemental, extraplanar)any sky or vacuum (Elemental Plane)
Novaspawn8starship aberrationany vacuum
Photonic Anomaly5starship ooze (fire)any solar
Sagolath7starship aberrationany gas giant or vacuum (Bretheda)
Shard Diver1starship magical beastany gas giant (Vesk-5)
Stellar Protozoa7starship verminany vacuum
Swarm Altipheron3starship monstrous humanoidany vacuum
Swarm Dreadlancer11starship monstrous humanoidany vacuum
Swarm Fleetfury1/3starship monstrous humanoidany vacuum
Swarm Gnawbore8starship monstrous humanoidany vacuum
Swarm Horaspa4starship monstrous humanoidany vacuum
Swarming Telelith2starship magical beastany vacuum or the Drift
Titanic Elemental10starship outsider (elemental, extraplanar)any sky or vacuum (Elemental Plane)
Vermelith9starship magical beastany vacuum
Void Devil (Volocoth)6starship outsiderany (Hell)
Voraija1/2starship magical beastany gas giant or vacuum
Zoaphorix10starship aberrationany vacuum