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Template Grafts | Universal Monster Rules

Lacunal Collector11undead (android)any
Lacunal Collector, Lacunal Initiate1undead (android)any
Lawless One12outsider (extraplanar, chaotic, incorporeal)any
Limbicate6outsider (extraplanar, incorporeal)any (the Drift)
Limina16feyany First World or Material Plane
Linyf3plantany temperate
Liquescence2ooze (aquatic, water)any water (Plane of Water)
Liquid Arsenate7oozeany underground or urban
Living Apocalypse20oozeany
Living Hologram8construct (incorporeal, technological)any
Lore Guardian2construct (magical)any
Lucandrian, Albedo Lucandrian3feyany lunar
Lucandrian, Perigean Lucandrian9feyany lunar
Luminix5construct (technological)any solar
Lumocantha, Ancient5planttemperate and warm forests
Lumocantha2planttemperate and warm forests
Lurker in Light, Lightweaver14fey (extraplanar)urban (extraplanar)
Lurker in Light5fey (extraplanar)urban (extraplanar)